The huge Colossus tournament is getting to the endgame, and a bracelet will be awarded in the “hyper” event. Check out our daily blog on the WSOP.

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Updated: midnight Vegas time

No online play

Apparently, the thousands of people in town for the WSOP is not translating to tons of cash-game liquidity. At least not for one intrepid poker reporter:


Tuan Le won the $10K 2-7 triple draw event last year. And he’s close to making the final table for a second straight year. Yes, it’s a small field, but given the talent of the players, it would quite a feat. He’s about in the middle of the pack right now.

And just like that…

Remember how Dan O’Brien was leading the Colossus not long ago? This is how quickly things can change:

Crazy hand

Ace-high beat ace-high won one of the biggest hands of the Colossus so far. Check it out here.

Run it up…

Amateurs on top

After some pros have spent some time on top of the chip lead in the Colossus, an amateur has become the first player to top 3 million. Billy Graybeal has no WSOP cashes and is poised to turn his $565 buy-in into a huge score.

In the $10K event, Maximilian Casal is the chip leader, and although he has $100K in live cashes, he certainly doesn’t appear to be a pro. His last tracked live cash came in 2011.

Nice room

Leah’s roommate lost some chips since this. But still…

Pretty good year

Jaime Staples’ year has been going pretty well. He turned his Twitch following into a deal with PokerStars. And he was doing the broadcast of the WSOP live stream today:

A pro leads the Colossus

A top-level pro winning this tournament seems like a long shot, given the sheer number of amateurs who entered. But right now, Dan O’Brien is on top of the field. Through one level today, there have already been 200 eliminations to pare the field down under 300. Mike Leah continues to do well as well, still sitting in the top 20 in chips.

That didn’t take long

The hyper tourney final table took just 48 hands. John Reading, whose biggest score previously was $37K, won more than a quarter of a million dollars. Read more here. You can congratulate him on Twitter here.

World Series of lines

Lines have been a problem in the first week of the WSOP, especially with all the people on the premises for the Colossus. Here’s one example of the waits people are dealing with:

Day 6

WSOP has a day 6 update:

Sick tables

Not shockingly, there are lots of tables of death in the $10K draw event. For example:
–Taylor Paur, John Hennigan, Layne Flack, Justin Bonomo
–Rep Porter, Phil Hellmuth, Bryn Kenney
–Bill Chen, Phil Galfond, Paul Volpe, Jon Turner, David Chiu

Check out the full draw here.

Two quick eliminations

The hyper event final table is underway, and true to its name, two players have already been knocked out. The only person we had kind of heard of — Kyle Julius’ brother — went out in eighth place. Follow updates here, or watch the live stream here.

UPDATE: A few hands later, and we’re already down to five.

So why were people pissed, really?

Everyone was annoyed at the Colossus yesterday, based on a flat payout schedule that awards less than $700K for first place. Really, we’re not sure the anger came from the actual payout schedule…but we have to agree with this: