As the training site genre continues to grow, more and more new sites are adopting a niche genre to help themselves stand out from the pack. That’s the approach of the latest entry to the Poker Training scene, Tournament Poker Edge (TPE).

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Cost: $20 a month, discounts for multiple months purchased upfront. No sign up fee.
New Videos: 4-5 a week
Hand Replayer: Yes
Core Focus: MTT
Notable Pros: bigdogpckt5s, Hagbard Celine, HITTHEPANDA and Wein
Video Quality: High
Download / Streaming: Both available
Archive Size: ~100 videos

Overall Ranking
TPE gets a 88/100 from the PTP Staff. This rating is largely based on the relative newness of the site, and we would expect the rating to increase as the site continues to develop.

Sit and Go Coverage
Some coverage of MTT SNGs, primarily from Hit The Panda.

MTT Coverage
Focus of site, very comprehensive.

Cash coverage
TPE doesn’t have cash coverage at the time of this review.

Non-holdem game coverage
Most of the MTT coverage is NLHE-based, which makes sense.

This is a small, solid roster of well-known, winning MTT players. The upside of that is that you can tell they’re each very involved in the site, meaning you get excellent access to top players for a pretty minimal cost.

The videos are fresh, relevant, and well-made. The coverage is of a variety of formats and buy in levels, so there’s something for almost every players here. There’s also a nice mix of live sweat videos, hand history reviews, theory videos and also some member HH reviews.

There’s also a pretty solid complement of articles available that cover a wide variety of individual topics likely to be relevant to members, and an interactive forum where members can chat up the site pros regarding strategy, specific videos and so on.

Finally, the price is right – among the cheapest for major training sites – and videos are available for your iphone / wmv as well as available streaming.

There are also free sample videos available if you’d like to sample before purchase.

No big flaws, but a few small things, most of which stem from the site’s relative newness. For one, the archive obviously isn’t as large as it might be at competing sites, but that’s an issue that will resolve with time.

The video output also isn’t quite as prodigious as some of the mega-sites, although you are still getting multiple videos a week.

Some minor usability issues that will probably be worked out as the site grows: video sorting is a bit primitive and the forums are still coming along. If you know what you’re looking for, you won’t have any problem finding it, but sorting through the content looking for something you might be interested is a tougher task.

At this price point, it’s hard for a MTT tournament player to pass up the chance to get insights from the TPE staff. Tournament Poker Edge combines a great roster with quality production values and an excellent price. The result is a value MTT players shouldn’t pass up.

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