Rumors about the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker deal, Tony G at the Olympics and getting banned from poker by the wife and Carbon. It’s all in the week’s most interesting threads in the world of online poker forums.

PokerStars and Full Tilt reports (2+2)

Thread: FTP Discussion Thread (Everything but big new news goes here. Cliffs in OP)
Late this week, a bunch of reports came out that PokerStars was going to finalize a deal to take over Full Tilt Poker, or that news would be coming very soon on the deal. The yesterday, reports surfaced that the deal isn’t done, but progress is being made (most notably at PokerFuse). While this thread isn’t new this week, it’s the clearinghouse to talk all things FTP, and the veracity of the reports is weighed here. Anyway, you might want to check back here Monday to see if any concrete news has been reported, as well.

In related thread news:

Gonna dive into a pool of Full Tilt money (PTP)

Thread: How will you spend your FTP money?
Jinked. Nuff said.

Marriage counseling (2+2)

Thread: need to convince wife that poker is not really gambling. please help me!!
We’re guessing this doesn’t end well for the original poster, either in discussions with his wife, or on 2+2. Quote: “The problem is that my wife has an objection to me playing poker as a career, and her main argument is that gambling is against our religion. I have tried to explain to her that it is not really gambling, instead a lot of skill is needed to consistently win in the long run.” Good luck, sir.

Tony G going after gold

Thread: Tony G at Olympic opening ceremony
Everyone’s favorite Lithuanian was marching with the athletes at the London Olympics, with a picture to prove it. He’s apparently associated with the country’s basketball team. Seems like this should turn into a Photoshop thread, in our opinion.

GG at Carbon (Pocket Fives)

Thread: Carbon froze my Girlfriends account for no reason and this it the message
Original poster looks for help/sympathy, P5s community thinks OP was multiaccounting, Carbon Poker rep says accounts are staying closed. Good game.