As much as poker players like to talk about poker as a skill game and emphasize the fact that it’s beatable, the majority of us also just like to gamble; the swings involved in trying to make money at poker would be hard to stomach if we didn’t. But we’re also a money-conscious bunch, so even when we’re playing house-backed games for the fun of it, we want to make sure the house’s edge is as small as possible.

If you happen to be among those online poker players who also ventures over to the casino side of things from time to time, you may want to take a look at a promotion being run by Bet365 for the holiday season. Simply titled the £1 Million Spectacular (or €1 Million, or $1.5 Million, depending on your region), the promotion began yesterday, December 5 and will run through January 1.

The deal is also pretty straightforward and, as always with Bet365, requires you to opt in. Once you’ve done so, playing certain games in the site’s Casino, Games or Vegas section will earn you tickets to a cash bonus raffle. These take place twice a week, on Fridays and Mondays, and the prize pool varies for each, so if you’re serious about bonus-chasing, you may want to time your sessions accordingly.

Tickets are unlocked for every £10 (or €10 or $15) wagered, and the list of qualifying games changes for each leg of the promotion. For each draw, there are three “Featured” games which award one ticket per qualifying block of wagers, plus one “Double Ticket” game, which is exactly what it sounds like, awarding twice as many.

Each raffle will award between 5000 and 12,000 prizes, ranging in all cases from £10 (€10, $15) to £1000 (€1000, $1500), just with a different distribution. The most plentiful draws will be those on December 16 and January 2, each of which will have 12,000 winners and £200,000 (€200,000, $300,000) in total prizes.

There are a few caveats to be aware of. As mentioned above, you will have to opt in if you want to be eligible to win a prize. It’s possible for a single player to win multiple prizes (which will be given out as a single combined bonus), but if you’re trying to estimate the value of the promotion, be aware that players who haven’t opted in are still entered in the draw, they just don’t receive the bonus if they win; the actual amount of money being paid out by Bet365 will likely be less than the million advertised, as presumably some players won’t be aware of the promotion.

Finally, be aware that this is a bonus, not a cash gift, meaning that it follows the same rules as deposit bonuses and so forth; if you win a prize, you’ll have to play through the amount five times prior to withdrawing it. Moreover, you only have a seven-day window after receiving a prize to clear it; if you do hit the jackpot, then, be prepared for a week of intense gambling, and hope that there’s something left of your prize at the end of it.

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