Control for those who can’t control themselves, and bankroll management guidance for everyone else. That’s the core concept behind this interesting bit of poker software, which offers some promising tools to help you limit your tilt.

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Tilt Breaker: Overview

Tilt Breaker is a piece of software with a simple purpose: to help you practice good bankroll management and to help you control your tendency to tilt. To do so, Tilt Breaker essentially locks you out of poker rooms (wholly or just some parts of the lobby) such as Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, doing so based on a variety of criteria that you control.

The software allows you to set session length conditions, stop-loss limits, stop-win limits, hands played limits, just to name a few. In addition to those conditionals, Tilt Breaker also allows you to lock yourself out of certain types of games and buy in levels altogether (this feature still in beta at the time of this review). Finally, if you’re not big on setting rules and conditions, the software provides a handy red button that you can mash when you feel tilt coming on which will also lock you out of your games (for a length of time you prescribe).

Tilt Breaker: Unique Pros

If tilt or poor bankroll managements costs you money, this product is beyond useful – it’s essential. The best thing about the software is that it really does a solid job of locking you out of your games – it will take fairly substantial effort on your part to sidestep the lockout (or you’ll need to own another computer), and even if you do get around it, the time it will take you should cool you off a bit anyhow.

The variety of rules and conditions is another significant pro. Everyone tilts a little differently, and being able to customize Tilt Breaker to account for that uniqueness is a real boon. For example, I have an issue where I tend to blow off too many chips with loose play after I accumulate a big stack. Tilt Breaker has a function that allows you to set a stop-loss from your session peak, so I set it to give me a 5 minute time out if I drop more than 50 BBs off the peak of my win for the session.

That’s just one example of the many conditions you can set with Tilt Breaker, and that level of customization is by far the strongest selling point of the software.

While it’s still a bit beta, the Bankroll Manager aspect of Tilt Breaker definitely deserves a mention. If you have a bad habit of dipping your toes in the high stakes waters when your regular games start abusing you, this feature is a real windfall. You can essentially lock yourself out of certain parts of the lobby based on game type and blind size – basically a highly customizable self-exclusion option.

Big pro: 15 day free trial, fully functional.

Tilt Breaker: Screenshot

The whole of the software is basically the configuration panels:
tilt Breaker

Tilt Breaker: Cons

I’ll start off by echoing one of the pros for Tilt Breaker: it does a pretty darn good job of actually locking you out of your accounts. While that’s great if you’re actually tilting, it’s not so great if you simply set a rule wrong or didn’t quite understand what rule you were creating and accidentally lock yourself out of your account.

For that reason, we strongly suggest testing Tilt Breaker extensively before using it with your regular games.

Adding further to the warning above is that the documentation for the software isn’t the greatest. There are basic tutorials that show you how to set up your preferences, and the software isn’t rocket surgery, but I think it would really benefit from a few video tutorials or sample preloads that would help players see the filters in action before having to use them personally.

Just like any software, Tilt Breaker won’t do much for you if you don’t put a bit of effort into it, and if you’re not very honest with yourself about your common tilt triggers and thresholds, the program won’t do much to help you.

Finally, the price – $50 – might be a bit steep for the micro-crowd. That said, there’s a 15-day free trial, so you can decide for yourself whether or not that’s the case.

Tilt Breaker: Verdict

This is a neat piece of software. I can’t imagine the tens of thousands I would have saved if I had it when I started playing online poker, but at least I can look forward to saving similar amounts in the years ahead.

If you have any issues with self-control at the tables, buy Tilt Breaker today.

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