An outline of The Stars Group responsible gaming policies provided by TSG Head of Responsible Gaming Jeanne David before Michigan lawmakers.

NOTE: Regulated online poker in Michigan is still on the table for calendar year 2018.

MICHIGAN ONLINE POKER BILL FAQs (H 4926-4928) (May 5, 2018)

The Stars Group Responsible Gaming Introduction

The following guide is a public resource for prospective real money online gaming customers of The Stars Group (PokerStars, Bet Stars, PS Casino). It is taken from official 2017 testimony before the Michigan House Regulatory Reform Committee.

This timestamps review only covers the first six minutes of the video. The final part includes testimony by TSG Director of Security Services Martin Stuart, and is summarized separately in our timestamps review of PokerStars Michigan Game Integrity Regulatory Testimony.

The Stars Group Responsible Gaming (Timestamps & Quotes)

Jeanne David – Head of Responsible Gaming, The Stars Group (0:00 – 6:17)
Michigan House Regulatory Reform Committee Hearing: September 13, 2017


(0:00) Jeanne David, TSG Responsible Gaming Intro

  • Jeanne David has a master’s degree in social work, and is licensed in the state of New York as a Certified Addictions Counselor
  • She has been with PokerStars-Amaya-TSG since 2006
  • Jeanne David developed policies for The Stars Group Responsible Gaming and currently directs the activities of a global team of RG specialists
  • As of late 2017, TSG claimed 72% of the global online poker market at 70% of the internet casino market

(1:03) TSG iGaming Overview

  • David states that, as of September 2017, TSG was “the largest gaming site in the world with over 100 million players registered.”
  • TSG possessed a total of 17 formal iGaming licenses worldwide at the time of this testimony

(1:35) TSG Social Responsibility

Consult the on-screen presentation slide.

We are a company that want our players to have fun and have a safe experience. We like to provide an arena where our players are having fun enjoying themselves. What we do is give the customers and our players the tools to do that.

Our goal is to prevent minors from gaining access to our games… we provide social gaming options for our players. We help Problem Gamblers and direct them to professional help when needed, and we provide support and education for employees.

One of the questions was about Problem Gaming. We have 100 million players on our site. We don’t want those problem gamers on our site, and we will do everything we can to protect them from gaining access.

(2:38) TSG Responsible Gaming Features

Consult the on-screen presentation slide.

All PokerStars, Bet Stars, and PS Casino customers have the ability to personally customize the following The Stars Group Responsible Gaming tools:

  • Deposit limits and restrictions
  • Game type and stake level restrictions
  • RG tools can be accessed directly via iGaming client or by communicating with TSG-RG staff
Jeanne David - The Stars Group Responsible Gaming

Jeanne David, TSG Head of Responsible Gaming (IMAGE: PokerStars Responsible Gaming)

A recreational player can come on our site. He[/She] can say, ‘You know what? I don’t want to gamble more than fifty dollars a week. Or twenty dollars a week.’ And he can set that deposit limit. He will not be able to play above his means. He can also set table limits. Unlike a [brick & mortar] casino where if you want to go in (for those of you who are familiar with blackjack, and the minimum table [wager] is five or ten dollars a hand), you can play for fifty cents a hand [on PS Casino]. And that’s the recreational player. We provide an arena where they can not play higher than what they determine is within their means.

We also have self-exclusion features, and there’s a blacklist in New Jersey where if you are on the [New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement Exclusion List], if you are excluded from that state, there is no way that you will be able to gain access to our site.

We also have time out features. So players can say, ‘Hey, I want to take 12 or 24 hours time out.’ If you walk into a live casino, you don’t have that option to say, ‘I don’t want to play,’ and then walk in because until you show identification you can play anything that you want. When you’re playing online, if you’re self-excluded, if you take a break for 24 hours, seven days, three days… whatever it is that you determine that you want to take a break for, there is no way that you can gain access. Our sophisticated software will prevent you from playing at all.

(4:11) Casino Games RG Tools

Consult the on-screen presentation slide.

We also have the ability to block specific casino games. So if you are a poker player and you say, ‘I really want to play poker but I lose too much money playing blackjack,’ we can prevent you from playing those specific games. From blackjack, roulette, craps… whatever casino games that we are offering.

(4:33) Customer Support and Problem Gambling

All “front-line” TSG customer support staff members are provided Responsible Gaming training and are capable of advising online gamers on RG tools and services. TSG will “permanently” close the account of individuals who contact TSG personnel and communicate that they have a gambling problem.

(5:15) Responsible Gaming Partnerships

The Stars Group responsible gaming department collaborates with the following organizations:

(5:37) The Stars Group Responsible Gaming Summary

For us, [partnering with Responsible Gaming organizations] really is an important piece because we need to protect our players. We don’t want [problem gamblers] on our site and we’re always trying to be innovative, and be one step ahead of the regulators. So, a regulator may say that we have to set up deposit limits, but we’re going to do so much more than that. My job is to make sure that we’re always getting the Responsible Gaming features that our players are asking for.

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