The hearing about an online gaming ban in Congress shamelessly ignores facts. And Phil Hellmuth happily tells everyone the NBA players he has hit the felt with. It’s all in our daily wrap-up of the world of poker, the Hit and Run.


So, the hearing into the Restoration of America’s Wire Act — the bill in Congress that would ban all forms of online poker and online gaming in the United States — finally had a subcommittee hearing on Wednesday. What happened? A lot of fear-mongering, and very few facts, according to reports. The witness list that was stacked with iGaming opponents did what it was supposed to do, which was misrepresent the landscape for online gaming. Report here. In the end, the hearing largely was what many thought — a dog and pony show for casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. The only worry for online poker proponents is if the show gets to a bigger stage than a subcommittee hearing.


Under 60 players remain at the European Poker Tour Malta. Among them? Sam Chartier, JC Alvarado and Dominik Panka. Updates here.

Some LOLs with Griffin Benger:

Finally, Dzmitry Urbanovich just missed winning his fourth side event at the poker festival.

Quick hitters

–Phil Hellmuth is really good at WSOP tournaments, but he is also really good at namedropping. Case and point, this interview where he names every NBA player he has ever played poker with.
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–Highlights from the One Drop poker delegation’s visit to El Salvador and Honduras:

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