Fantasy sports for pre-teens. Galfond gets iced, quickly. Chris Grove is on Donkdown. New AP reporter in Vegas. It’s all in today’s wrap-up of the world in poker, the Hit and Run.

Fantasy Sports: Schools or Casinos?
In an article at GGB, Marco Valerio takes a look at why casinos aren’t rushing to offer DFS. We’ll probably see that change in the coming years with casinos outside of Nevada attempting to offer it as an alternative to sports betting. Meanwhile the NFL wants Fantasy Sports to be a standard part of elementary school curriculum. Does Fantasy belong in schools or casinos? I say both, and that the best students should take a field trip to the casino and be given a stake. But with makeup that doesn’t expire and needs to be paid back at 50% if they leave the game.

Negreanu Gives Away Money Again
This time he wasn’t drunk and you didn’t need to be homeless. $500 shipped to 10 of his Twitter followers:

New AP Reporter in Las Vegas
If you do the Twitter thing and are reading this post, you should probably give her a follow:

Galfond’s Ice Bucket Challenge

OPR Donks Down
Chris Grove of the excellent OPReport, often cited in the HNR, had a Twitter argument with Bryan Micon regarding a Newsweek article that featured Micon’s bitcoin poker site SealsWithClubs. We love both these guys and found the conflict to be silly but the discussion between them on Donkdown radio was entertaining. For what it’s worth, the article in question looks like, but probably wasn’t an advertorial.

Quick hitters:
-A new gambling law may be coming to Mexico.
-West Virginia is looking at online gambling as well.
-Sportsbooks make more money during the World Cup, except for Paddy Power.
-Another day, another social casino launch. This time Parx in PA.