Straddling in Limit Texas Hold’em: A Primer

Texas Hold’em is normally played with the two players to the left of the button putting up blinds. Typically the small blind is one half or two thirds the amount of the big blind with the big blind being the amount of a “small” bet (in a 20-40 game the blinds are 10 and 20). […]

Sample Chapter From the Poker Tracker Guide

Love Poker Tracker but feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the info available? You need the Poker Tracker Guide. We like it so much that we’ve reprinted a chapter of the guide for you to check out – read it, love it and then head over to to buy the full guide. At […]

Finesse: Flop Play in Limit Hold ‘Em

This article will cover one scenario of when to cap, and when to call the third bet on the turn in limit. The scenario: You hold AcKh Flop is AsKc2s Your opponent often will be very aggressive on a flush draw on the flop. You know him to cap bets. He bets the flop, you […]

Don’t Punch the Fish in Limit Hold’em Poker

One of the more common mistakes players at low, and sometimes mid limit texas holdem games is to “go after” someone that took a pot off them. I see good players play marginal hands because they know that the moron/fish at the table is likely to put more money in than a normal player, or […]