The holidays are coming, and inevitably that means appropriately-themed promotions on many online poker sites. At the iPoker network, the promotion in question is yet another mission-based deal, awarding tickets to freerolls. As with previous months, Bet365’s skin on the network has sweetened the deal for its own users, in addition to a change of theme.

What’s being billed as the €100K Winter Wonder on other iPoker skins is called Winter Warrior on Bet365, and adds a tiered (or “milestones”) rakeback option, on top of the missions and freerolls. The missions are divided into the usual daily and weekly versions, named “Mini Warrior” and “Pro Warrior,” while the rakeback portion of the promotion is called “Elite Warrior.”

The Mini Warrior missions vary by day of the week and offer players two possible choices. Each day’s options are very similar to one another, but the first is a lower-volume, higher-stakes option while the latter is a higher-volume, lower-stakes version of the same. For instance, Wednesday missions give the choice between having to win one Twister (lottery sit-and-go) with a buy-in of €5 or more, or winning five with buy-ins of €1 or more.

Regardless of the option selected, the prize is the same: entry to a freeroll with a €1000 prize pool each day before Christmas, or one with a €2500 prize pool during the final week of the promotion, from December 26 through January 1. The €1000 freerolls offer purely cash prizes, with a top prize of €100, while the €2500 ones offer a maximum cash prize of €250 for second place, while first receives a gift valued at €500; there are six prizes to choose from, all forms of consumer electronics, such as gaming consoles and smart devices.

The weekly Pro Warrior missions are similar, except that the two options are always the same. The first involves completing three Mini Warrior missions and playing in the corresponding freerolls, while the latter simply requires the user to make a deposit of €20 or more. The other difference is that both options can be completed each week, meaning users can potentially enter up to two “Pro” freerolls each week. Up until Christmas, these are €5000 freerolls with cash prizes, while those from the 26th through January 1 have €25,000 prize pools, with up to €2,500 in cash for second, and a €5,000 vacation voucher for the winner.

Elite Warrior, for its part, is conceptually very simple: it amounts to a straightforward 10% rakeback for cash games and tournaments, but unlocked in fairly substantial increments. The first three payouts are bonuses of €50 for each block of €500 in rake and tournament fees generated. After this, the milestones increase to €1000, €1500, €1500 again, €2500 and finally €3500 in rake and tournament fees. This is clearly a gesture towards Bet365’s higher-stakes and higher-volume users, most of whom won’t find the freerolls worth their time, while most of those partaking in the missions won’t hit even the first milestone for Elite Warrior.

It’s important to note that, as always, these promotions are on an opt-in basis; that may be obvious in the case of the missions, but it would be easy and unfortunate to overlook the fact that Elite Warrior requires a Start button to be pressed in the Missions tab before one’s play counts towards the milestones. Also significant is a little gotcha in the Terms and Conditions: Elite Warrior rewards are awarded within 48 hours of the end of the promotion on January 1, but expire if the user does not log in at least once during the following seven days. So, if your plan is to grind throughout December and then take a couple of weeks off in January, make sure you fire up the client once before you go so as not to lose your bonus.

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