It’s been a rough ride for the freshly-minted PokerStars pro, who has started off 2011 on a pretty low note – with a couple of exceptions.

One bright spot for the New Year would no doubt be Isildur1’s (now officially revealed as Viktor Blom) victory over Tony G in the second edition of the Superstar Showdown. That win evened Blom’s record in the high-stakes matches, sponsored by PokerStars.

That win aside, it’s been a tough few weeks at the virtual felts, and PokerStars is now no doubt considering the strange position they could be in if Blom continues to bleed.

Specifically, with so much fanfare surrounding his signing and so much exposure given to the young Swede, will Stars have to do an awkward backtrack should Isildur1 become little more than a screen name synonymous with massive losses at high stakes poker?

There’s still quite a bit of distance between now and then, of course, and it’s not as if high-stakes stalwarts such as Dwan and Galfond haven’t suffered terrible months. Gus Hansen has managed to remain a high-profile player respected by casual poker fans and featured prominently in Full Tilt marketing despite suffering massive losses in the nosebleed games at Full Tilt Poker over the last few years.

That said, the graph below from PokerTableRatings suggests that Isildur1 isn’t off to the best start. Maybe he should stick to one of the other rare bright spots of the year, highlighted below:


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