On Thursday, May 26, high stakes professional poker player Shaun Deeb sat down with Joey Ingram via webcam to discuss current events in the industry. Although the appearance had been promoted for over a week, it ironically coincided with serious accusations made by Dr. Jaclynn Moskow against several high profile personalities in poker — including Deeb.

Poker Life Podcast — May 26, 2016 — Shaun Deeb

Accusations of Sexual Misconduct, Anti-Semitism, and Misogyny

The Timeline: Quotes to Know Before You Watch

Note: The following section is extremely heavy on quoted content. These quotes do NOT represent a complete picture of the accusations and denials outlined ahead. To become more informed on the latest events, you should refer to the following three sources, in order.

1. Dr. Jaclynn Moskow Official Website
2. TwoPlusTwo NVG Thread – What happened to Jaclynn Moskow on Poker Night In America
3. First 25 minutes of Joey Ingram Podcast with guest Shaun Deeb

On Wednesday, May 25, professional poker player Dr. Jaclynn Moskow posted an entry on her personal blog site.

Racism & Sexual Harassment: The Reality of my Experience on Poker Night in America

In the post, Moskow describes several disturbing events that allegedly took place around a November 2014 taping of Poker Night in America at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, and subsequent show in Florida.

Here are direct quotes from Moskow’s blog entry, including which people they pertain to.

…on Poker Night in America Creative Director Nolan Dalla: “After approaching Hanson, I decided Dalla was next. I let him know that Anderson had asked me if I was there because he ‘had a thing for me.’ I genuinely expected some kind of apology, or perhaps for him to confirm that I was, in fact, there because I am a cash game poker player. I was completely appalled when he responded, ‘I do.’ He then told the surrounding group, ‘Hey, watch this! I have wanted to do this for a long time.’ He proceeded to thrust his head directly into my chest and cleavage and shake it back and forth. Capra witnessed this event while cheering on Dalla, along with a long-haired crew member named Mike.”

…on PNiA Show Host Chris Hanson: “Outside of my experience with Anderson, it seemed as if the rest of the crew was comprised of genuinely nice people and so I expressed this sentiment to Hanson. His response? He looked me in the eye and said matter of factly, ‘The thing about Poker Night that makes it so great is that there are no Jews. Every other show on TV has Jews.'”

…on 888 Poker Representative Chris Capra: ” I brought up the fact that I had text messages that were sent between Capra and myself, in which he acknowledged what occurred, apologized for Hanson’s remarks, called Dalla’s behavior— which he witnessed— ‘inexcusable,’ apologized for ‘instigating it,’ and then was so kind as to jokingly suggest that maybe I needed Linda Kenney Baden, an attorney who also appeared on the show, with me at the bar.”

…on PNiA Creator & Producer Todd Anderson: “I saw Dalla and Anderson whispering off set and looking at me; I got the sinking feeling that they were going to give my seat away and kick me off the show yet again without warning. Between this and the sighting of the cameraman (the ass grabber), I was completely distracted and had an incredibly hard time focusing on the game. Sure enough, at the dinner break, Anderson told me he was giving my seat away, and, ‘I don’t want to hear a fucking thing from you about it.'”

…on Shaun Deeb: “That night on my way back upstairs to my hotel room I passed Shaun Deeb. Unprompted, he informed me that, ‘women will always be inferior poker players’ citing, ‘you are all too emotional’ as his reason. Yes, the same Shaun Deeb who mockingly dressed up as a woman and played in the ladies event at the World Series of Poker.”

…on Evidence to back up Claims: “It was suggested to me that I provide pieces of evidence within this post (texts, emails, legal letters, etc) and I have decided not to, as I will first give all parties involved the opportunity to come forward, apologize, and acknowledge that my account of these events is in fact accurate. Should any parties publicly proclaim that I am being dishonest, I will then release relevant documents.”

Late Wednesday night Eastern Time, a link to Moskow’s entry was cross-posted in an ongoing TwoPlusTwo thread that originated in February 2016. For the past 24+ hours, nearly all authoritative discussion on the topic has occurred on the TwoPlusTwo NVG forums and the May 26 Podcast.

PNiA Creative Director Nolan Dalla posted a statement directly within the thread a few hours later. Again, the quotes used below are for providing a quick summary, but do NOT represent a complete picture of the overall statement. There is a large amount of commentary (over 200 replies and counting since Dalla’s post was made) and that should be your up-to-date source to tide you over until airtime Friday. Here are some direct quotes from Nolan Dalla’s Statement on TwoPlusTwo.

…on Moskow’s allegations: “If [the allegations made by Moskow] were true, in ANY fashion, I would also apologize to Ms. [Moskow]. However, since they are NOT true, not true in any way whatsoever, I see no reason to apologize. However, given the serious weight of the accusations, I do feel it appropriate to address the charges here in public, one by one.”

…on alleged sexual misconduct: “While inside the tavern, we were surrounded by dozens of people and nothing that took place was out of the ordinary according to me or anyone I saw that night.”

Dalla did address the charges, one by one as promised. This included pasted text from Outgoing & Incoming emails to and from Dr. Moskow. Both sides have confirmed that a settlement was offered to the accuser by Rush Street Gaming. High profile poker pro Matt Glantz also posted a reaction in the TwoPlusTwo thread. You can read it here.

Shaun Deeb Response

Poker Life Podcast — May 26, 2016 — Shaun Deeb

Shaun Deeb categorically denies having said what he is accused of by Moskow within the first few minutes of his dialogue with Ingram. He also defends his stance on accepting and promoting women in poker while giving an example of how he handles any hint of Sexual Harassment as a business owner.

After that, Papi asks why Deeb would be included in Dr. Moskow’s accusatory blog post if the events weren’t true, and Deeb replies that it has to do with an ongoing dispute with Melissa Burr.

Burr is friends with Moskow, believes Deeb. He claims that the former PokerStars Open-Face Chinese Poker strategy writer owes him money from a debt related to real money heads-up OFC play. Burr has accused Deeb of cheating during the session in question.

And what does Deeb think about Melissa Burr personally?

“She’s obviously a piece of shit. She’s obviously the type of woman in poker who takes advantage of the men she dates.” The New York resident adds, “Those are the people we need to avoid in poker, whether they’re male or female. Anyone who leeches onto someone and siphons what they can, and scams them, and cheats them, and does other shady degenerate things — those are the people that suck at poker.” (see 6:00 mark)

Ingram offers that his dealings with Burr have been positive, and the pair move on to Friday’s scheduled Dr. Moskow appearance on the Poker Life Podcast at 4:00pm ET. Shaun Deeb replies that he is genuinely interested in seeing evidence brought forth by Moskow — as is the rest of the poker world.

The Breath Before The Plunge

When Daniel Negreanu appeared on the Poker Life Podcast in late 2015 to discuss a major, “poorly communicated” reduction in rewards benefits for high volume players, a large amount of the poker community was intensely focused on the first few minutes of that show.

Friday’s program with Dr. Jaclynn Moskow will be similar. There is more than enough information already available from all parties involved to intrigue the mainstream poker public — and ALL indications are that the next 24 hours of this ongoing “He said. She said.” battle of facts will play out on a poker forum and YouTube cast rather than in a private setting.

All indications also point to someone’s recollection of events being false. Unlike many high profile back-and-forths that get nasty, all sides in this dispute are promoting the release of information to corroborate the facts. Moskow’s reference to evidence that supports her claims makes Friday’s show must-watch programming for veteran poker community members, new players, poker media, and anyone with a vested interest in how the dispute eventually plays out.

You can ensure a front row seat to Friday’s dialogue between Ingram and Moskow through the joeingram1 YouTube Channel.

Other Topics Covered in Shaun Deeb Podcast Appearance

Due to the high profile nature of the first part of Thursday’s show, other topics are provided in a Timestamp format below for fans and media representatives who would like to check out those parts individually.

25:00: Deeb references “scamming stories” that he shared on David Tuchman’s Under The Gun Podcast which aired February 24 of this year. During that interview, Deeb mentioned that PokerNews had turned down an op-ed article outing Artem Litvinov, Alex Kuzmin as Eli Elezra as scammers who refuse to pay back money they owe Deeb. Poker Life Podcast viewers are updated that Deeb is now giving credit to Elezra for working out a payment plan.

29:30: Deeb tells a funny Daniel “Jungleman” Cates story that involves a toothbrush and a battle of wills.

30:30: Doug Polk versus Jason Mercier Twitter Dispute. Although Deeb doesn’t see the EV of the two playing each other, he believes that any potential HU4ROLZ challenge would be in an 8-Game format.

See Twitter: https://twitter.com/JasonMercier/status/733704402708496385

35:00: Deeb anticipates LOTS of cross-booking, side betting, prop betting and insane action during the 2016 World Series of Poker. He also thinks it’s great that poker players (such as Olivier Busquet and JC Alvarado) are willing to back up their social media banter with real action (see MMA-style fight recap posted by PokerNews).

45:00: Epic Poker Night in America slowroll hand versus Mike Matusow is discussed. Deeb says the viral video was taped during the Pilot PNiA episode, and that he was pleased with the exposure the show gained because of it. With that said, Deeb probably wouldn’t slowroll Matusow in the future, but everyone else is “fair game.”

54:40: Firehouse Subs franchise discussion and GTO appearance by Deeb’s son, and congratulatory shout-out to expecting another child in September.

60:00: Deeb says he has only discouraged one person in his life from playing poker seriously, his wife.

75:30: 2016 PokerStars SCOOP Main Event-H winner Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi gets a shout-out. Deeb contemplates how his family will adapt as his children continue to grow. Also believes “online kids” will get “too good” for him to justify playing high stakes SCOOP events professionally.

83:00: Deeb talks about the negative aspect of real money poker, and how he is one of the very few who has been fortunate enough to enjoy a comfortable living from the game. Says that seeing the true emotions that surface when players lose money they can’t afford to lose brings home how depression plays a major role in poker.

93:00: Before Black Friday, PokerStars once offered Deeb a sponsorship deal that would have been approximately 10% of what he could have made as a sponsored Full Tilt Poker pro. Deeb turned the offer down.

94:00: Papi brings up Friday’s Podcast with Dr. Jaclynn Moskow and notes that former guest and 2016 Aussie Millions Main Event 3rd place finisher Samantha Abernathy has actually changed a “hair appointment” to make sure she’s tuning-in live Friday at 4:00pm Eastern Time. The show closes with a reference that approximately 97% of Poker Life Podcast Viewers are males and 3% are females, but that Ingram expects significantly more female viewers for the Dr. Moskow show.

Next Poker Life Podcast — Friday, May 27, 2016 with Dr. Jaclynn Moskow