Poker Central VP of Content Sam Simmons joined Joey Ingram for a 75-minute Poker Life Podcast on Thursday, March 15th.

The conversation shed light on the medium-term programming strategy of premium poker content provider PokerGO, a subsidiary of subscription content portal Poker Central.

Timestamps from Thursday’s Podcast Life Podcast featuring Sam Simmons are provided below.

Sam Simmons Poker Life Podcast Timestamps (March 15, 2018)

(0:00) Intro, Sam Simmons VP of Content for Poker Central – upcoming Poker Life Podcasts
(2:19) Poker Central content has shifted to the “PokerGO” subscription model
(3:13) Upcoming Super High Roller Bowl China (March 21st), will only be live-streamed in China
(4:33) Sam’s experience with PokerGO model, fan/viewer feedback on subscription model
(4:59) High quality poker casting consumes massive resources, requires paywall
(8:53) Poker fans could adjust to PokerGO premium subscription
(9:35) How does PokerGo view free live streams PNIA, LATB, etc?
(10:55) Sam gives GTO explanation of poker content tendencies, broadcasting network distribution
(14:47) Daniel Negreanu 2015 WSOP Main Event bust-out was costly to TV poker interests
(15:08) 2018 WSOP programming/setup on ESPN & PokerGO
(16:28) “No Time For Sargeants” WSOP latrine salute & phone charger guy shout-out
(17:44) Cuban Papi & Sampson agree that 2018 Miami visit would not be GTO
(18:08) What is Poker Central focusing on at the moment?
(19:43) “Growing” the game of poker, competitive events attract less casual viewers
(22:16) Competitive high stakes environments are tense, doesn’t always blend with showtime interests
(25:12) What type of content attracts recreational fans of poker?
(26:51) Poker pro Jake Cody’s roulette wager attracted new poker fans
(29:26) PokerGo has revenue sources outside of subscription model income
(32:12) Sam believes some community animosity towards past poker scandals/shutdowns is justifiable
(35:40) Biggest challenges so far for Poker Central, trial & error process
(36:44) Papi gives props to Poker Central for its attempts at innovation
(39:55) “Episodic programming on the way at Poker Central?” -ChipXtractor
(41:07) “Chasing Hearts” was a “collective,” “group” idea
(42:49) Would “Chasing Papi” be a better idea?
(43:00) “PokerGO growth?” -Arthur Turrieta, premium subscriber numbers will NOT be revealed…
(44:08) …but PokerGO viewership is “better than” a lot of the Twitch/Facebook live stream numbers.
(44:55) Women in poker, shout-out to talent recruiter Brent Hanks
(46:30) Live chat quality suffers when thousands chime-in simultaneously
(47:36) PokerGo premium service could improve upon enhancing viewer experience
(50:03) Papi says NBA’s current domestic “League Pass” subscription service is “very questionable”
(51:15) “Public Relations 101” lessons w/Sam Simmons, Sam’s 2018 poker life
(54:11) The great game of POT Limit Omaha to be featured more on PokerGO?
(55:34) Hole card cams vs. RFID, other challenges with casting of mixed games
(56:42) Poker After Dark live sets are open to the public
(57:23) “Poker Central considering ways to further engage subscribers?” -Arthur Turrieta
(59:23) “Contests,” “sweepstakes,” and prizes are a regulatory headache
(59:56) Shout-outs: “Hey, Mom! Love you!” – Poker Central office crew, etc.
(1:01:30) Sam invites Papi’s viewers to email him with ideas
(1:02:23) Seventh-level “Beyond Tells” shout-out
(1:03:08) Poker Life Podcast Wrap-Up #1, upcoming PokerGO TV programming
(1:04:20) Super High Roller Bowl lottery system promotes element of Supply & Demand
(1:05:44) Alcohol on Poker After Dark set
(1:08:05) Brent Hanks “master list.” Another mention of Sam’s email
(1:10:47) Poker Life Podcast Wrap-Up #2, “P-Flavor” Sampson Simmons “HORUS-scope”
(1:12:56) Jason Mo next Monday, Gus Hansen show may not be live streamed, social media
(1:14:56) Outro, Poker Life Podcast tomorrow with Arlie Shaban

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