Want to learn more about poker? Your best bet is to check out PokerStrategy.com, which boasts more than six million members and a wealth of resources for improving your game.

The basics

A lot of poker sites with training focus on one of two classes of players: beginners or seasoned players looking to improve their games. What sets PokerStrategy.com apart from other sites is that it is a great place to learn about poker, whether you are a beginner just picking up the game or an advanced player who has been at it for years.

Never played Texas hold’em or you just started playing? Poker Strategy can help you with the basics. For example, here is their introduction video:

As your poker skills and experience improve, you can grow within the confines of the site, building upon what you have learned with more advanced concepts, training and videos.

The best part? Virtually the entire site can be available for free via Poker Strategy’s “status system.” More on that later.

It’s also a global, professionally run site. There are 6.5 million members. There are 18 languages used and supported on the site. And there are hundreds of permanent and freelance employees contributing to PokerStrategy.com.

Is it really free?

It’s possible to get access to most of PokerStrategy.com without paying for it, simply by playing poker. That’s thanks to the “status system” that the site has developed for its members (read more about it here). All sections and materials at the website are divided by status groups; the higher your status, the more access you have to the site, from articles, to videos, to coaching.

How do you increase your status? You can do so by collecting points — by playing poker at Poker Strategy’s partner poker rooms, or by taking part in the site’s promotions. So, it’s not entirely free, in the grand scheme of things — in reality you have to play poker for real money. But if you break even or make a profit playing poker, access to Poker Strategy pays for itself. You can also simply buy points if you want to increase your status. It’s very easy to get “basic” status — just sign up — or “bronze” status — collect one point. After that there are varying status levels that are a bit more difficult to reach. If you live in the U.S., to get past bronze status, you likely need to buy points, because there aren’t any partner poker rooms that are available in the U.S. More here.


There are nearly 2,500 videos available on a wide variety of topics at PokerStrategy.com, for the members with the top status level. Even if you just reach bronze level, you can watch nearly 600 poker training videos.

The videos are searchable to an amazing level of detail. You can sort them by game — cash games, sit and go tournaments, multi-table tournaments, or Omaha, for instance. You can look for videos by table size — heads-up, short-handed or full ring. You can search based on content — like coaching, psychology, or events. You can also sort them by stakes — from micro limits to high-stakes games. You can even sort the videos by whether they are done in English or not. It all helps make Poker Strategy one of the best video resources for poker, because you have a huge database of videos with tremendous power to search for what you want.


The heart of the site is the forums, where members discuss poker daily, to the tune of 20,000 posts a day. In the forums, members talk about just about everything poker, from what sites to play on, to strategy, to what tools can help you with your game.

Perhaps the most valuable part of the forums is the hand evaluation section, where members can post hands and get feedback from other members, and sometimes from pros. More on hand evaluations here.


The coaching section contains a schedule of coaching sessions that are available daily. Sessions run the gamut from cash games to MTTs. The site relies on some of the top online players in the game — including Daniel “Jungleman12” Cates, Collin Moshman and Paul “lnternet” Otto, to name a few.

There are usually one or two coaching sessions available every day, and one of them is often available to bronze members. Sessions are usually on PokerStars or Ladbrokes. Access to coaching from some of the top players in the game is an invaluable part of a PokerStrategy.com membership.


Poker Strategy offers members access to a number of free tools to help you with your game:
–The ICM (Indepenant Chip Model) Trainer and Trainer Light help you train your game in the late phases of a tournament.
–Equilab helps you calculate the win probability in different situations and against different players.
–SideKick allows to collect badges and rewards for special poker hands and milestones in your poker career.


If you are serious about learning poker, or about improving your game, a membership at PokerStrategy.com should probably be mandatory. There is no other single poker site on the internet that has as much free and easily accessible content.