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Real Poker Training is an established online poker training site that focuses largely on tournament play, with a few noticeable exceptions. The site generally follows the standard model of training sites, offering a mix of live analysis and review videos designed to offer members access to the insights of RPTs various instructors.

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Cost: $12-$25 a month, no signup fee.
New Videos: Every weekday
Hand Replayer: No
Core Focus: Tournament
Notable Pros: Ryan Fisler, David Williams
Video Quality: High
Download / Streaming: Streaming only
Archive Size: 200+ videos

Overall Ranking

Real Poker Training gets an overall score of 7/10 from the PTP Staff

Sit and Go Coverage

A dozen or so videos that generally cover lower stakes SNGs. The instructors are mostly MTT specialists, so while the SNG advice is solid, it’s not Beanmo or Moshman-level advice.

MTT Coverage

The core of the site. There’s a lot of solid videos here from winning players with good insights into modern MTT play. Fisler is the highlight – he’s a strong player with a solid ability to communicate concepts clearly.

Cash coverage

Not a ton here – a handful of solid videos, but the instructors, again, are MTT specialists, so you wouldn’t expect a ton of cash coverage.

Non-holdem game coverage

Some good primers on non-standard games like 5 card draw and PLO 8. RPT has the deepest coverage of 5 card draw of any site online, and their omaha coverage is expanding as well.

In addition to the videos, RPT provides a good amount of supplemental material. You’ll find a fairly deep archive of articles that cover beginning strategy for various games as well as thoughts on poker as a lifestyle, meta-game, bankroll management and so on.

You’ll also find instructor blogs, which are updated to varying degrees. The site also offers user forums, which aren’t super-active, but allow you to interact directly with the instructors.

The site offers a couple of perks to subscribers – currently, you can get free sharkscope searches and a subscription to Bluff magazine for subscribing. You can also earn a subscription by signing up and playing at a few select rooms offered by RPT.

The largest drawback from my point of view is the lack of variety in coverage. The majority of the videos come from three instructors, and while they all do a good job with the videos, you’re just not getting the same sort of range of instruction that you get from a PXF or Cardrunners.

The look and organization of the site is functional and appealing, but the structure of the content is pretty first-level. What I mean by that is you won’t find the curriculum-style structure for videos and content that you’ll find at a Stox Poker. That’s more important to some players than others.

RPT is a solid site, especially for the cost. While it might lack the archive and variety of some sites, it also lacks the heavy price tag. If you’re an MTT player looking for insights from winning players, RPT is a good addition to your roster, especially if you can afford multiple subscriptions.

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