PXFPXF is an arsenal of training tools designed to help you improve your game. The tools range from videos of pros playing online with detailed commentary, to forums where you can discuss strategy with other members, to hand replayer tools and analyzers that allow you to dissect your own game. PXF is a membership-based site that (at the time of this writing) costs about $25 a month (plus an initial fee of $150).

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Cost: $25 a month plus $120 sign up fee.
New Videos: Every weekday +
Hand Replayer: Yes
Core Focus: MTTs
Notable Pros: JohnnyBax, belowabove, Sheets, AJKHoosier+
Video Quality: High
Download / Streaming: Streaming only
Archive Size: 600+ videos

Overall Ranking

Poker X Factor gets an overall score of 87/100 from the PTP Staff

Sit and Go Coverage

A solid archive of videos, primarily authored by Sheets and Inissint.

MTT Coverage

The heart of PXF. MTT coverage makes up the majority of the PXF archive, and it’s solid stuff. While Cardrunners boasts the premier cash game roster, PXF makes a strong claim for that title in the MTT category. Not only does PXF have a deep, successful array of coaches, but they also have assembled a team that spans multiple styles of MTT play. Exposure to multiple schools of thought is one of the best ways to learn poker, and PXF definitely delivers in that sense.

Cash coverage

Pretty limited. The archive has about two dozen videos, mostly authored by Rizen. The videos are good, but the quantity is lacking. The addition of Fox to the coaching roster is resulting in more cash videos, but the focus is still MTT.

Non-holdem game coverage

A few PLO videos, steadily growing archive for non-standard games.


PXF excels at providing quality instruction. Unlike some other sites, PXF has instructors who are both successful players and good teachers (a combination that’s less common than you might think).

PXF does a good job at creating a robust instructional experience. Instead of just offering a massive raw amount of material, PXF works to present that material in a structured, coherent format, and places a lot of emphasis on re-creating a classroom style environment online. If that’s not your thing, you can still easily watch videos and read articles nonsequentially.

PXF has worked hard to build a strong, active community, and they’ve succeeded. The PXF community is an edge that some other sites lack. Subscribers are also treated to regular promos, private leagues and other bonuses.

The PXF hand replayer is a powerful tool for analyzing your game and a definite advantage PXF holds over some competing sites.


The near-exclusive focus on MTT play will be a problem for users who only want to subscribe to one site and are looking for balanced game coverage.

The website is a little stark graphically, and navigation is a bit clumsy at times, but you do have ready access to all the information you’re going to need. The member’s area is an improvement over the main site, with clear navigation and easy-to-use resources that help you get the most out of all the tools PXF offers.

PXF is at the top of the price range for online poker training sites.


If you’re a MTT player, PXF is indispensable. MTT is a format that evolves rapidly, and access to the thought processes of regular, winning players is an incredibly valuable resource. The lack of balanced coverage is really the only thing that keeps PXF from getting a 8+.

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