CRCardrunners is another entry in an increasingly crowded field of sites that offer online poker training services. Like PokerXfactor and DeucesCracked, CardRunners conducts the majority of training via video lessons where subscribers can view the hole cards of pros in real situations and listen to their thought process as they play a session.

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Cost: $28 a month plus $99 sign up fee (free memberships available by meeting certain FPP goals at FullTilt; full details here).
New Videos: Every weekday +
Hand Replayer: Yes
Core Focus: Cash games
Notable Pros:Jungleman12, Brian Hastings, Menlo, Taylor Caby, Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen
Video Quality: High
Download / Streaming: Both available
Archive Size: 1000+ videos

Overall Ranking

Cardrunners gets an overall score of 96/100 from the PTP Staff

Sit and Go Coverage

Several dozen videos. Resident pro is Jackal69, good split between holdem and HORSE coverage.

MTT Coverage

Massive, despite being a secondary focus to cash game play. An impressive roster of guest pros led by Timex, Menlo and Adanthar.

Cash coverage

The heart of Cardrunners. CR offers what is far and away the most star-studded roster of cash game instructors, including Brian Hastings, Taylor Caby, Menlo, Jungleman12 and many more. Arguably the best single resource for cash game play available anywhere.

Non-holdem game coverage

The depth of Cardrunners starts to give out here. Good PLO coverage, especially with Hastings, but not much in the way of razz, stud or other non-holdem games. That said, this is a lack all training site sites share, so not really a competitive disadvantage.

The depth of the archive and the quality of instruction are the two big selling points for this site. You’re going to be hard pressed to find a stronger roster of instructors or a broader archive of available videos than you’ll find at CR. With new videos added daily and a steady stream of new instructors being brought on board, both of those advantages are likely to persist well into the future.

There’s also a good amount of supplemental material, including a solid article library and active forums. Videos are easily sortable by a number of filters and the site is generally easy to navigate. CR also runs a pretty good number of member promotions.

Finally, the biggest advantage is that you can earn CardRunners memberships free with play on Full Tilt Poker through Truly Free Poker Training. For full details on TFPT and how to get free CardRunners, click here.

The things that stop CR from getting a score of 100 are a bit of a natural by-product of the site’s size. First, CR lacks the curriculum-style presentation of material that other sites seem to be gravitating toward, and without a starting point or a framework for progression, the massive archive can seem intimidating. This is changing as they develop more ‘series’ based videos.

Next, while the good videos on CR are better than average, CR seems to have a slightly lower threshold for video release than some other sites, meaning that you’ll have to wade through some weak videos to get to the good stuff. It’s not that the CR videos are ever outright bad. It’s just that sometimes you get the feeling that the instructor just sat down, turned on the mic, and didn’t give too much thought to what they intended to cover before or during the session.

Any cash game player who is serious about improving should invest in a membership to CardRunners. The $99 sign up fee is a little steep, but the site is a critical resource for staying ahead of the curve. Tournament players might have a tougher decision between CR and some competing sites, but if you can afford multiple subscriptions, CR should be on your list.

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