JaxtrawPoker is a training site that offers both classes and videos to help you improve your poker game. Find out more in our review.


Website: JaxtrawPoker.com
Cost: Free to browse; pay a la carte for classes and videos
Membership: No membership required
Features: Live Interactive Classes, 8+hr Vid Series and Packages; access to private coaching
Who is it for?: Advanced players

The pros

The tagline of the site is “Think like a pro,” and Jaxtraw worked together with an impressive roster of pros on unique interactive classes and videos on the site — including Dany “Ansky” Stern and Alex “ajkhoosier1” Kamberis. The founder is Peter “jaxtraw” Falk, one of the top sit and go tournament players before Black Friday. Since April 2011, he has turned to coaching, and has developed a system of teaching group classes so students get private quality coaching at a fraction of the price.

Here are the other pros who worked with Peter on the Interactive Classes:
Bernard “bernardc” Cappel
Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald
Ivan “ILS007” Stokes
Kevin “Barewire” Rabichow
Jamie “Buffyslayer1” Wilby
Eric “Foreman11” Porlier
Kevin “koovoon” Laird

The Classes

While group classes for online poker teaching are nothing new, Jaxtraw takes a different approach. The live JaxtrawPoker Master Classes are much more structured — and interactive — than ones that are handled by a single pro, who is trying to teach and communicate with students online, all at the same time. Falk plays the role of moderator during class sessions, while the pro conducting the class is in the role of instructor. Attendees can ask as many questions they like at any point without interrupting the flow of the class.

Classes are offered on cash games, sit and go tournaments and multi-table tournaments. The site has offered more than two dozen classes to 400 attendees since its launch.

You can check out past and upcoming classes here.


Can’t take the time to attend a class? You can also purchase videos of full class sessions and watch them at your convenience. While a student gives up the ability to interact with a coach during a class session, it does give the player control over watching the class, and more importantly hear all the questions asked and answered.

Here is a rundown of all the videos currently for sale at Jaxtraw.


If neither classes nor videos strike your fancy, you can also get private coaching from some of Jaxtraw’s past pros. The pros can be hired at an hourly rate for one-on-one work.