Poker Rakeback Explained — How Rakeback Works

Poker Rakeback can be a confusing concept at first, but it’s simple. Rake is a small amount of money that poker rooms take out of each pot – that’s how they make their money. Rakeback is when poker rooms rebate some of that money to players. It’s one of the ways that online poker rooms ‘comp’ players – if you’ve played live poker, it’s just like when rooms give you meals, rooms or other perks based on how much you play.

Poker rooms don’t offer rakeback directly to players. If they did, they’d have to give it to everyone. Instead, they allow sites like ours to use rakeback as a way to help promote their rooms. So, the room takes the rake, keeps some for themselves, gives a small amount to us and then gives the rest to you.

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Rakeback Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it matter which type of poker I play?
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When will I get paid?
How will I get paid?
How do I know how much rake I've earned?
How much is a rakeback worth to me?
How is my share of the rake calculated?
Why are some poker rooms willing to pay rakeback?

What is Better, Contributed or Dealt (Rake Share) Rakeback?

Online poker sites do not “comp” players free buffets or hotel rooms as casinos do, but many sites offer rakeback. Poker sites offer rakeback percentages as incentives to attract new players to sign up with their site. The rakeback rate varies from site to site and there are multiple methods used to determine how the rakeback is calculated. Then at the end of each month, the rakeback percentage is refunded to the player’s account. The different methods of calculating rakeback benefit different playing styles. If you have cashed in on a sign up bonus with your present site, you will likely have to move to a new site to take advantage of a rakeback offer, and it could be a very lucrative venture.

The Contributed Method Explained

With the contributed rake method, the rakeback return is determined by the amount each player individually contributes to the rake. When you are playing in a $20 pot with a five percent rake, $1 is raked from the pot. If your personal contribution to the pot is $5, or 25 percent of the pot, then your return will be 25 cents or 25 percent of the rake. At the end of the month, your accumulated rakeback is tallied and deposited in your poker account.

Cashing in With Contributed Rakeback

Contributed rakeback is an easy choice if you are a frequent player who likes to participate in a lot of hands. The contributed rakeback method is almost a reward for betting so frequently. Tight players who choose their hands with extreme caution will not benefit from contributed rakeback as extensively as those who play every other hand. Players who wait for the perfect hand will be better off looking into dealt rakeback, but a loose player can improve their win rate considerably if they are taking advantage of a contributed rakeback.