PokerStars players dispute real money online poker tournament payouts Sunday following mass disconnections that reportedly affected all but a few countries.

* As of Wednesday afternoon, this is no longer a breaking news story. The latest developments include official communication from PokerStars that affected players from Sunday’s outages have been refunded, and that the company is working on issuing additional refunds. PokerStars has also confirmed that the mass disconnections are a result of DDoS attacks.


(a) At 5:56pm Eastern Time on Sunday, TwoPlusTwo poster JFB9696 advised forum readers that “there will be new refunds soon, security [staff] is working on correct payouts, [that’s] the new info from PokerStars Support and also from Pro Streamer on Twitch.”

(b) Just before 10:00am Eastern Time on Monday, poker news website Pokerfuse published a story suggesting that the PokerStars issues could originate from a wave of industry DDoS attacks. The article relays updated social media communication from PokerStars, which communicates that the dot-com site is experiencing ongoing issues.

(c) Just before 11:00am Eastern Time on Monday, PokerStars communicated via Twitter that a plan is in place to refund affected players within 72 hours.

(d) The PokerStars dot-com service may now have been the victim of major DDoS attacks on three consecutive days. At approximately 5:30pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, the following was communicated via the site’s official Twitter account. Roughly one hour later, the issue was apparently resolved. However, customer feedback within the Twitter thread embedded below was mostly negative.

(e) At 3:30pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, PokerStars reported that affected players from Sunday’s “technical issues” have been refunded.

(f) At 5:00pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, PokerStars confirmed the site has indeed been the victim of DDoS attacks in recent days. PokerStars requests patience from players as the company issues refunds and collaborates with officials.


Original Story: Published Sunday afternoon, August 12th, 2018:

Players on the world’s largest poker site have taken to the TwoPlusTwo NVG forums this Sunday afternoon (Eastern Time) to dispute payouts in a number of cancelled tournaments.

* An official response by PokerStars via social media can be viewed near the bottom of this article.

The following is directly pasted from a player-generated summary by teejayC of reports that have been received up to this point:

  • Servers go down for everyone but a few countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium afaik)
  • stars takes an hour to pause tourneys
  • they cancel tourneys then pay out according to current stacks rather than rolling back to when the issues started
  • players from countries mentioned above win all the monies

PokerStars Not Refunding Players Properly (2+2 News, Views & Gossip Forum — Aug 12, 2018)

PokerStars Players Dispute Tournament Payouts (Initial Feedback)

Initial feedback from posters has been overwhelmingly negative in the first 60 minutes.

Kamikaze94 – “Got disconnected from the Sunday Millon in my second entry with 1.5 starting stack and then blinded down to 0. No refund. What’s up with that, Pokerstars?”

AggroSquid – “lmao they rolled forward all of the tourneys and Belgians romanians czechs have made literally thousands each.”

Chili – “Hi, I’m from Belgium, and was playing the 22 mini million and bigger 11. Made about 200 in total. Had average stack on both when issue began. Total bull**** and ridiculous payout. Undeserved.”

axby – “Would be sick if it was a DDOS attack by Romanians.”

myrollsonFTP – “There needs to be a statement from stars… which users on here work for them, can we tag them somehow? Been a while since I’ve posted here. This could be the end for them… no one can keep playing if this is how this will be treated.”

Statement Regarding PokerStars Players Dispute of MTT Payouts

At 6:15pm Eastern Time (less than one hour after the issue was brought to the attention of TwoPlusTwo readers), PokerStars responded via its official Twitter account.

At this time, we encourage our readers to consult sources from both players and PokerStars to properly evaluate how/if the reported issue is eventually resolved.

Part Time Poker will provide updates to this story in CHANGELOG FORM (see top of article) as new information is communicated by either players or PokerStars.

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