Poker Savvy PlusPokerSavvy Plus is one of the latest entrants into the ever-expanding online poker training arena. PokerSavvy originally started as an online poker rewards site and has been steadily increasing its offerings over the last few months, culminating with the launch of Poker Savvy plus late last year. While the site is fairly new, PS+ has definitely hit the ground running with an all-star roster that cranks out a steady stream of high-quality videos on a regular basis.

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Cost: ~$24.99 a month (no signup fee)
New Videos: Every weekday +
Hand Replayer: No
Core Focus: Cash games
Notable Pros: Bond18, Foucault, Sir Watts, Isaac Haxton, + others
Video Quality: High
Download / Streaming: Download or streaming
Archive Size: ~500 videos

Overall Ranking

PokerSavvy+ gets an overall score of 90/100 from the PTP Staff

Sit and Go Coverage

PS+ has basically no SNG coverage as of the time of this review.

MTT Coverage

PS+ focuses primarily on cash, but has a growing MTT archive. Justin Rollo is the resident MTT pro, and the site seems intent on snagging quality guest pros (like Bond18) to round out the roster. Dani Stern chips in a few tournament videos as well.

Cash coverage

Extensive. PS+ has one of the most talented cash game staffs online. Dani Stern, Isaac Haxton, Evan Roberts and Chris Rhodes form the core of a roster that provides great coverage of no limit full to short to HU, along with solid limit coverage as well.

Non-holdem game coverage

Omaha coverage is growing, especially with the addition of Matusow. No coverage to mention for non-standard games.


The roster at PS+ is the biggest advantage the site has over some competitors. These aren’t just good players – they’re good teachers who are in touch with a wide range of skills and strategies and more than able to communicate their knowledge in the video format. What’s even more encouraging is that Poker Savvy Plus seems focused on continuing to expand their roster of pros and dedicated to bringing users a nice stable of guest pros as well.

The site is nice and stripped down, making it easy to navigate. Videos are easy to find and sort, and supplemental material is well organized and labeled. The pros participate frequently and substantially in the forums, and the pro blog area is active as well.

I’m not sure exactly why this is the case, but the high-stakes cash game instructors at PS+ seem more in touch with lower stakes when they drop down for a video – an instructional aspect that’s certainly lacking from some other training sites.

The lack of a sign up fee and the obvious dedication to ongoing improvement (along with all of the above) makes this site a solid value. PS+ also offers a 7 day free trial.


The relative newness of the site means that the video archive is a little thinner than some other major sites, but with the current rate of output, that shouldn’t be an issue for long.

PokerSavvy+ offers a bit of a simplified version of the online poker training model, which can be a pro or a con depending on your preference. The site doesn’t situate videos (or other content) within any type of a broader curriculum. Instead, videos are generally stand-alone entities with a generalized focus.


An extremely solid value for the cost. I’d imagine that the lack of a sign up free and free trial offer will end sooner than later, so I’d look to invest in the site quickly.

Visit Poker Savvy Plus.

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