This video was originally part of’s premium subscription-based training service but is now being made available for free by PartTimePoker. Despite the age of the video, we believe many of the concepts still apply.

Da Goat makes a $100nl 6-max vid without use of a HUD, which serves to emphasize the use of reads. He employs a Laggy style and discusses related concepts as they come up, including loose 3-bets, dealing with floats by double-barreling on good boards, choosing hands with no equity to bluff, adjusting to your new image when new players join the table, avoiding c-bets with marginal hands.

For the sake of the video, DG takes the more aggro line at every point where he faces a choice (nearly to the point of being -EV), with the intent of exploiting overly tight opponents and tilting them to get extra value on big hands in the future.

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Note: Video is best viewed in “Theater” mode if viewing from YouTube.

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