With the World Series of Poker approaches, the live poker rankings have settled into a sort of calm before the storm. Nick Petrangelo remains on top of the GPI, while Bryn Kenney is still the frontrunner in both Player of the Year races. All of this could easily change over the next six weeks, however.

Online, it’s the opposite story, as the triple-whammy of PokerStars’s SCOOP, 888poker’s XL Inferno and PartyPoker’s Powerfest has just reached its conclusion, with the sort of shake-ups one would expect. Sweden continues to dominate most of the upper reaches of the PocketFives leaderboard, but it’s now the Belgian “girafganger7” up top, following an excellent run in May.

Global Poker Index

About the rankings: The GPI World Poker Rankings rates the top players in the world according to a system which awards points for tournament cashes based on buy-in, field size and finish position. Tournaments over the past three years are considered, but the weight accorded to older results diminishes with time.

Current Top 10

#1 Nick Petrangelo – 3,510.93 pts. (#1 last month)
#2 David Peters – 3,446.60 pts. (#2 last month)
#3 Justin Bonomo – 3,445.98 pts. (#3 last month)
#4 Fedor Holz – 3,427.20 pts. (#5 last month)
#5 Bryn Kenney – 3,337.60 pts. (#4 last month)
#6 Ari Engel – 3,236.17 pts. (#10 last month)
#7 Jason Mercier – 3,165.47 pts. (NEW)
#8 Adrian Mateos – 3,157.11 pts. (#9 last month)
#9 Steve O’Dwyer – 3,116.71 pts. (#7 last month)
#10 Jason Koon – 3,090.33 pts. (NEW)


Rainer Kempe (#6 -> #17)
Samuel Panzica (#8 -> #13)

Nick Petrangelo continues to hold the number one spot in the GPI rankings, but only narrowly. His lead on former #2 David Peters has shrunk to just 64 points, who is himself essentially tied with Justin Bonomo. Less than 20 points behind them is supposedly-retired prodigy Fedor Holz. Holz is in Las Vegas for the Super High Roller Bowl, and just chopped a $50k High Roller at the Aria; it’s likely he’ll stick around for the series, then, which may mean Petrangelo’s days on top of the heap are numbered.

The separation between these players is such that their positions would be expected to change on nearly a daily basis even without any new results being added, simply due to the way the GPI’s aging calculation works. Their current order is nearly meaningless, then, and who is on top for our next update will depend entirely on who has the best WSOP.

A number of familiar faces round out the rest of the list: Bryn Kenny has slipped to fifth, while Ari Engel climbs to sixth and Adrian Mateos and Steve O’Dwyer are almost unchanged. Meanwhile, Jason Mercier and Jason Koon have elbowed their ways back into the Top 10.

Player of the Year

#1 Bryn Kenney – 2,840.97 pts.
#2 Ari Engel – 2,478.79 pts.
#3 Sergio Aido – 2,463.57 pts.
#4 Daniel Dvoress – 2,430.71 pts.
#5 Nick Petrangelo – 2,392.76 pts.
#6 Manig Loeser – 2,262.69 pts.
#7 Koray Aldemir – 2,176.14 pts.
#8 Mustapha Kanit – 2,109.57 pts.
#9 Byron Kaverman – 2,108.44 pts.
#10 Steve O’Dwyer – 1,938.12 pts.

Bryn Kenney retains what looks like a comfortable lead for the 2017 Player of the Year race, but whether it will hold depends largely on what he chooses to do with his summer. Ari Engel is gaining rapidly, and is likely to play a fairly full WSOP schedule, while Kenney typically plays only a handful of events. Sergio Aido is also threatening, with just 15 points less than Engel, and he too may be one to play a pretty full schedule.

Card Player

About the rankings: Card Player unfortunately does not have a rolling leaderboard to compete with the GPI’s, but it does provide an alternative Player of the Year leaderboard. This year’s system is different from previous years’, but still differs dramatically from GPI’s in that its honors are largely awarded based on the number of important titles and final tables had by a player, rather than their consistency of cashing in high buy-in events. Comparing the two often provides interesting insight into players’ performance.

Player of the Year

#1 Bryn Kenney – 4,162 pts. (#1 last month)
#2 Nick Petrangelo – 3,639 pts. (#3 last month)
#3 Justin Bonomo – 3,131 pts. (NEW)
#4 Andreas Klatt – 2,998 pts. (NEW)
#5 Ben Heath – 2,976 pts. (#2 last month)
#6 Steve O’Dwyer – 2,855 pts. (NEW)
#7 Ari Engel – 2,784 pts. (NEW)
#8 Fedor Holz – 2,456 pts. (NEW)
#9 Daniel Colman – 2,362 pts. (#6 last month)
#10 Anthony Spinella – 2,360 pts. (#4 last month)

Here, too, it’s Bryn Kenny on top, but his lead is more significant and his competition is different. Only Nick Petrangelo is within closing distance of him at the moment, and like Kenny himself, Petrangelo is one who focuses on high buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournaments almost exclusively, which doesn’t make him a favorite to pile on a lot of points during the series.

Justin Bonomo is 1000 points behind Kenney at the moment, but as someone who doesn’t shy away from mixed games, is much more likely to close the gap over the summer.

Former #2 Ben Heath has been stagnating, as has former #4 Anthony Spinella, making room for a lot of newcomers towards the front of the race: Aside from Bonomo Andreas Klatt (#4), Steve O’Dwyer (#6), Ari Engel (#7) and Fedor Holz (#8) have all entered the running for the first time this year.


About the rankings: Pocket Fives rankings are the equivalent of the GPI for the online poker world. It considers only the past year’s worth of results, with older results decaying in value and only the best 40 results for each player being counted. Needless to say, this system and the fast pace of online play make this leaderboard quite volatile.

The current Top 10

#1 girafganger7 – 10,414.06 pts. (NEW)
#2 lena900 – 9,573.09 pts. (#1 last month)
#3 inhoo – 9,482.33 pts. (#4 last month)
#4 Ariados – 9,376.95 pts. (#6 last month)
#5 C Darwin2 – 8,941.34 pts. (#3 last month)
#6 SixthSenSe19 – 8,131.69 pts. (#2 last month)
#7 probirs – 7,957.44 pts. (NEW)
#8 PokerKaiser – 7,912.02 pts. (#5 last month)
#9 1_conor_b_1 – 7,673.48 pts. (#7 last month)
#10 Sheater – 7,510.44 pts. (NEW)

“May Madness” is at an end, but not without leaving its mark on the online rankings. Just as happened with WCOOP last August, the flurry of high stakes tournament activity has proven sufficiently disruptive to break the Swedish stranglehold on the top spot, for the time being at any rate. That time, it was the Uruguayan Fabricio “SixthSenSe19” Gonzalez who did it, and he managed to hold on to the crown until January this year. Now, however, he has fallen to sixth, and appears unlikely to rebound.

This time around, it’s the young Belgian “girafganger7” to do it. His real name is unknown at the moment, but he’s 27 years old and has been playing multi-table tournaments seriously since early 2014. His performance in May was sufficient to put him over the 10,000 point mark – a rare feat – and give him a nearly 900 point lead over the Swedish horde, consisting at the moment of Niklas “lena900” Astedt, Robin “inhoo” Ylitalo, “Ariados” and Simon “C Darwin2” Mattsson.