Adrian Mateos has reached an all-time personal high of #2 in the GPI thanks to brilliant performances at the PartyPoker Caribbean Poker Party and the Asia Championship of Poker. He still has a ways to go and not much time if he’s going to catch Bryn Kenney for Player of the Year, however.

Online, Simon “C Darwin2” Mattsson is back in the top spot following a win in PokerStars High Rollers Event #3.

Global Poker Index

About the rankings: The GPI World Poker Rankings rates the top players in the world according to a system which awards points for tournament cashes based on buy-in, field size and finish position. Tournaments over the past three years are considered, but the weight accorded to older results diminishes with time.

Current Top 10

#1 Bryn Kenney – 3,405.29 pts. (#1 last month)
#2 Adrian Mateos – 3,360.63 pts. (#5 last month)
#3 Stephen Chidwick – 3,281.17 pts. (#6 last month)
#4 Fedor Holz – 3,271.96 pts. (NEW)
#5 David Peters – 3,271.49 pts. (#3 last month)
#6 Nick Petrangelo – 3,205.57 pts. (#2 last month)
#7 Justin Bonomo – 3,185.32 pts. (#4 last month)
#8 Dan Smith – 3,168.48 pts. (#7 last month)
#9 Rainer Kempe – 3,115.49 pts. (NEW)
#10 Jack Salter – 3,104.81 pts. (NEW)


Ari Engel (#8 -> #18)
Koray Aldemir (#9 -> #12)
Dario Sammartino (#10 -> #15)

Some prominent European players have surged back into the top ten this month, though perhaps not for the reason you’d expect. The World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) ran in late October and early November, but its impact has been minimal. Rather, the series that produced the biggest shakeup were the PartyPoker Caribbean Poker Party in Punta Cana, the Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP), and the Triton Super High Roller Series in Macau.

Adrian Mateos had a brilliant month, winning the Mini High Roller at the ACOP at the end of October, followed by a cash in the Caribbean Poker Party Super High Roller and a win in the $5000+300 Finale at same. Those results have propelled him into second place and a mere 40 points from overtaking Bryn Kenney; it would be Mateos’s first trip into the top spot if he were to make it.

Stephen Chidwick, who was at #6 last time we checked in, is hot on his heels with final tables at both the Triton Super High Roller Series and the ACOP. Fedor Holz continues to be noncommittal in his “retirement,” having been tempted back by the PartyPoker Grand Prix Austria (with a win in the Turbo High Roller) and the Triton Super High Roller (2nd place finish in the Main Event). These cashes were enough to overcome his expiring results and propel him back into the top ten, though we can likely expect him to now walk away again for a bit and drop back out.

Because the reordering this month is due to new results rather than the aging of old results, those who’ve been demoted have mostly kept their own relative standings. David Peters, Nick Petrangelo and Justin Bonomo are all still in close competition, but have been moved down from second-through-fourth to fifth-through-seventh. Ari Engel, Koray Aldemir, and Dario Sammartimo, who held the lower rungs last month, are the three who’ve been booted out; aside from Holz, it is Rainer Kempe and Jack Salter taking their place.

Player of the Year

#1 Bryn Kenney – 3,478.06 pts.
#2 Stephen Chidwick – 3,236.07 pts.
#3 Koray Aldemir – 3,197.38 pts.
#4 Adrian Mateos – 3,148.13 pts.
#5 Nick Petrangelo – 3,134.62 pts.
#6 Dan Smith – 3,057.16 pts.
#7 Stefan Schillhabel – 3,009.63 pts.
#8 Dario Sammartino – 3,006.34 pts.
#9 Steve O’Dwyer – 2,930.15 pts.
#10 Steffen Sontheimer – 2,929.76 pts.

Stephen Chidwick and Adrian Mateos have been propelled into contention for Player of the Year as well as the top spot in the GPI rankings. Here, Bryn Kenney enjoys a wider lead, but at fewer than 250 points and with a month left in the year, it’s not insurmountable by any means; Chidwick and Mateos could catch him with a significant win, as could Koray Aldemir or Nick Petrangelo.

That said, there’s not much going on during the last weeks of the year due to the holidays, so the practical window to stage an upset is more like three weeks. If it’s going to happen, it’s likely going to be at the WPT Five Diamond Classic (Nov 24-Dec 10), the Bellagio High Roller Series (Nov 27-Dec 9), the APT Finale Championships Macau (Nov 29-Dec 10) or the PokerStars Championship Prague (Dec 7-Dec 18).

Card Player

About the rankings: Card Player unfortunately does not have a rolling leaderboard to compete with the GPI’s, but it does provide an alternative Player of the Year leaderboard. This year’s system is different from previous years’, but still differs dramatically from GPI’s in that its honors are largely awarded based on the number of important titles and final tables had by a player, rather than their consistency of cashing in high buy-in events. Comparing the two often provides interesting insight into players’ performance.

Player of the Year

#1 Bryn Kenney – 6,708 pts.
#2 Adrian Mateos – 5,822 pts.
#3 Fedor Holz – 5,497 pts.
#4 Koray Aldemir – 4,956 pts.
#5 Steffen Sontheimer – 4,642 pts.
#6 Justin Bonomo – 4,598 pts.
#7 Stephen Chidwick – 4,522 pts.
#8 Benjamin Pollak – 4,460 pts.
#9 David Peters – 4,422 pts.
#10 Jason Koon – 4,334 pts.

As has been the case throughout the race, Bryn Kenney’s lead seems far less in question in CardPlayer’s reckoning. Mateos is closing in, but still trails by almost 900 points. That’s not insurmountable in Cardplayer’s system: a win in any of the €10,000 events at the PokerStars Championship Prague would likely be enough, but only if Kenney fails to add to his own score. With Kenney quite likely participating in the Bellagio High Rollers series, that may be an unlikely proposition.


About the rankings: Pocket Fives rankings are the equivalent of the GPI for the online poker world. It considers only the past year’s worth of results, with older results decaying in value and only the best 40 results for each player being counted. Needless to say, this system and the fast pace of online play make this leaderboard quite volatile.

The current Top 10

#1 C Darwin2 – 10,086.92 pts. (#2 last month)
#2 SvZff – 9,305.35 pts. (#3 last month)
#3 lena900 – 8,458.87 pts. (#1 last month)
#4 joaosimaobh – 7,800.10 pts. (#4 last month)
#5 veeea – 7,404.76 pts. (#5 last month)
#6 Sheater – 7,397.86 pts. (#7 last month)
#7 Greenstone25 – 7,308.10 pts. (NEW)
#8 josef_shvejk – 7,305.90 pts. (NEW)
#9 r4ndomr4gs – 7,149.99 pts. (#6 last month)
#10 Big Huni – 7,110.80 pts. (NEW)

The top five online tournament players are much the same now as they were in early October, with one notable exception: Simon “C Darwin2” Mattsson has reestablished himself in first place, displacing his countryman Niklas “lena900” Astedt. Mattsson has been crushing the mid- and high-stakes events on PartyPoker and PokerStars as usual, and just this weekend won Event #3 of the PokerStars High Rollers series, a $1050 buy-in 8-Max Turbo No-Limit Hold’em event. Astedt, for his part, has been performing worse than usual of late, and has seen his score drop by 1000 points or so; as a result, he has lost two positions, and is now in third, behind Malta’s Steven van Zadelhoff, winner of this year’s WCOOP Main Event.

The lower portion of the top ten often a revolving door of familiar names, and Sweden’s Greenstone25 and American ex-pat Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen are back in this month. There’s one unfamiliar name in the mix, however: A Russian going by “josef_shvejk.” This is not his real name, however, but a reference to a character in Czech literature. He has made it into the top 10 for the first time by virtue of a win in the PokerStars Super Tuesday last week.