A recap of recent poker personality communication.

Poker personalities have had a busy week within the community as both independent and sponsored pros extend their outreach to fans around the globe.

Here is a look at some of the biggest poker personality news stories from the past week.

Matt Berkey Joins Joey Ingram on the Poker Life Podcast

2016 Super High Roller Bowl 5th place finisher, Dead Money documentary star, and Solve For Why Academy instructor Matt Berkey recently participated in a two-hour conversation with Poker Life Podcast host Joey Ingram that included a number of community-related topics.

Berkey is among dozens of video content creators who have gained widespread fan approval in recent years with the proliferation of platforms such as Twitch Poker and YouTube. He shared his thoughts on the current poker training environment with Ingram starting at 13:40.

I felt like the training market was really problematic. I think that like Run It Once does a great job. I think Upswing does a really good job and then there are probably some other smaller sites that I’m not familiar of that do pretty well? But the fact of the matter is that it’s a really saturated market… with a lot, a LOT of bull****. And that bull**** is making a lot of money.

Matt Berkey - Poker Personality

Matt Berkey (Solve For Why Academy)

The Pennsylvania resident went on to call out a certain subset of the poker training market, while suggesting that providing quality products could be the key to reducing the overall marketplace influence of what he defines as “snake oil salesmen.”

It’s not one of those things where I feel like I need to be the ‘knight in shining armor’ and kind of like, wag my finger at the snake oil salesmen or whatever the case may be. But it’s more one of those things where it’s like, ‘Well, if that money is getting spent anyway, and these people are all putting out a s*** product and taking up a big portion of the market share, why don’t we just do our damnedest to wipe them out?’ And kind of just like provide the community actual access to good, high quality content?

Near the 19:00 mark of Tuesday’s show, the $3.9 million live poker tournament cash prize winner outlined how the poker strategy metagame has shifted in the post-Black Friday era.

I think that there’s a big barrier and it’s kind of lost on most, especially the younger guys, because they grew up online and there was only one way to approach [playing poker for a living] and beat it, right? But the reality is, if you trace back to the ‘boom’ (in like ’03 to ’06), poker talent was defined very, very differently. So Kinesthetic learners absolutely flourished. The people who could kind of like, insert themselves into an environment, learn hands-on, and just kind of adapt day-in and day-out according to how the environment was responding. People who were very in-tune to the [non-verbal] conversation that was taking place at the table. They were the ones that defined poker talent, right? They reacted better than the rest.”

There was a hard shift post-Black Friday where we moved into the realm of game theory and really stripping this game apart piece-by-piece mathematically. So one of the things I’m doing out here is, I’m actually like trying to combine modeling out types of learners versus types of thinkers, and trying to demonstrate how a lot of our training methods right now are [getting it wrong].”

Solve For Why boasts free and premium resources for poker players to learn from and/or enjoy, with regular content created by well-known pros Jordan Young, Christian Soto and Matthew Hunt.

Doug Polk Completes $100-$10,000 Bankroll Challenge

Doug Polk - Poker Personality

Doug Polk (Upswing Poker)

Three-time WSOP bracelet winner, popular YouTube personality, and Upswing Poker featured pro Doug Polk completed his $100 to $10,000 Bankroll Challenge earlier this week on WSOP Nevada.

Session #58 was quite profitable for the Las Vegas resident, who accrued $7,000 in a single sitting to at least temporarily silence naysayers on the hometown TwoPlusTwo NVG forum.

Since the rise of modern-era live streaming platforms, Polk has demonstrated an extraordinary knack for providing informational and entertainment value to his increasingly informed fan base. However, community questions remain as to whether the poker personality will continue to be a frequent content provider within the poker space.

By finishing the Bankroll Challenge, the heads-up No Limit Hold’em (HUNL) specialist showed a willingness to acquiesce to virtual top-rope maneuvers that were (so lovingly) applied by a handful of fervent 2+2 posters. In fact, it has suddenly become hard to find a “Dislike” among August 2018 videos posted by either Polk or his estranged former business partner Fernando Habegger since fans (so delicately) expressed displeasure with the duo’s feud back in July.

But even Polk’s harshest critics might wonder aloud if the Upswing Poker Lab creator has anything left to prove to industry-facing pursuits that have outright shunned for-profit poker… only to discover that an independent “pro” poker personality — alongside his trusty sidekick Thomas Keeling and a small outreach team — are capable of connecting with “recreational” fans in ways that can make even a multi-billion dollar company uncomfortable.

Joey Ingram - Poker Personality

Joey Ingram with Doug Polk (Poker Life Podcast)

If Polk does decide to abandon poker streaming for a while, that could afford the world’s largest poker site a more plus EV rollout of its Twitch Poker Dream campaign since arguably the number one (if the past week’s Twitch Poker numbers mean anything) poker personality will be off doing something else.

As longtime supporter Joey Ingram and other Doug Polk fans might sarcastically quip, “What could possibly be better for poker than serving up a cold shoulder to one of the most engaging talents in the game today?

Daniel Negreanu PSPC Platinum Pass Giveaway

Daniel Negreanu - Poker Personality

Daniel Negreanu (Masterclass)

While we’re on the topic of “engaging poker talent,” headline Team PokerStars ambassador and $39 million live event cash prize winner Daniel Negreanu is part of a PSPC Platinum Pass #Adventure giveaway that involves poker personality colleagues Lex Veldhuis, Jennifer Shahade, Jeff Gross, and Maria Konnikova.

The ongoing “Platinum Pass” promotion is granting hundreds of PokerStars players a clear value for their social media contributions and on-site patronage, and has the potential to turn several 2019 PSPC Bahamas final table participants into multi-millionaires.

However, that’s not the only “poker outreach” project Kid Poker is associated with at the moment.


In what could only be phrased as a homage to the six-time WSOP bracelet winner’s 20-year dispute with arch nemesis Mason Malmuth, the Canadian-American has lured veteran hosts Adam Schwartz and Terrence Chan of the recently-ended TwoPlusTwo Pokercast over to Team Negreanu.

I’ll set the line at 6 months for that podcast,” opined 2+2 News, Views & Gossip contributor Michael Minkoff (VideoPro). “Danny had a real hard time completing book signings on time when I was fulfilling autographed book orders for PS. His long delays caused the end of that program and a couple folks losing jobs. Can’t imagine him keeping a schedule for the podcasts.”

Not to be outdone, “Top Dog” Malmuth likewise took aim at his longtime rival — courtesy of a predictable overhead smash to the poker personality’s on-camera gut (although it could comically be argued that the legendary poker author is simply concerned for Negreanu’s well being and only trying to do him a solid).

Mason Malmuth - Poker Personality

Mason Malmuth (TwoPlusTwo Forums)

He claims to eat 200 grams of carbs a day as the diet for him. That should keep his body fat up.” — Mason

Despite the continued back-and-forth, the poker personality marketplace appears to have already submitted its verdict on such matters.

For all intents and purposes, community members like, appreciate, and are fond of contributors who provide quality, free content to the public in coordination with their commercial projects… whether that’s Matt Berkey, Doug Polk, Mason Malmuth, Joey Ingram, Jason Somerville, Daniel Negreanu, Andrew Neeme, affiliates/media, operators, or startup streamers whom many fans may currently be unaware of.

When push comes to shove, the broader poker marketplace prefers collaboration among poker celebrities due to the effectiveness this type of communication can have on everything from trialing new ideas to challenging entrenched protocols.

Recent NVG forum activity would also suggest that poker enthusiasts may eventually lose patience with bitter, decades-long rhetoric that (unsurprisingly) hasn’t managed to nudge the aggrieved parties anywhere closer to even.

But convincing either Negreanu or Malmuth to relent seems to be a lost cause at this point, especially considering that the bile dates back to 1990s Private Messages on the Rec.Gambling.Poker boards (not to mention their unique gumption for kicking each other to the curb all these years).

And the fact that both have so much influence within the community makes for an intriguing narrative. One that almost guarantees ample opportunity for more tears-as-lube condolences that could further test the poker marketplace’s appetite for judging its heroes based on a villain’s definition of “integrity” as opposed to the obvious value these community members provide the poker world.

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