A new show from Poker Night in America. Portugal to soon join European player pool. PPA in desperate need of donations. Check out these stories and more in the Wednesday Hit and Run.

Poker Night LIVE Debuts March 20th

Poker Night in America is introducing a new celebrity-themed poker show called Poker Night LIVE. The show will be broadcast LIVE on the CBS Sports Network beginning on March 20th at the Gardens Casino.

The new show, which will be hosted by Joe Stapleton, will feature lower stakes than the normal $25/$50 games as PNIA hopes to cast a wide net that could allow more celebrities to feel comfortable playing the games. PNIA also hopes to attract well-known professional poker players as well as poker personalities who are not as known for their play on the felt. US Poker suggests the general feel for the show could be similar to Celebrity Poker Showdown, which aired from 2003 to 2006.

Portugal Could Soon Join European Player Pool

France and Spain merged player pools last month while two other countries, Portugal and Italy, lagged behind despite a 2017 agreement for shared liquidity. That appears to have changed after the Portuguese gaming authority published a framework for shared player liquidity last Friday.

Although Portugal’s inclusion in the European player pool appears imminent, no time table has been announced of when the first online poker room will merge in the country. Once live, Portugal residents will be able to access .pt regulated sites within Portugal. In addition, European players outside of Portugal will also be able to register on Portuguese licensed poker rooms. As far as we can tell, only PokerStars and iPoker have launched player pools in France and Spain.

Poker Player’s Alliance Asks for Donations

Last year was arguably the biggest year for online poker in the United States since 2013 when three states went live with games. In 2017, Pennsylvania passed landmark online gambling legislation that should be live by the end of the year, leading to a fresh wave of optimism that the US online poker world has not seen for a few years.

But on the heels of John Pappas’ announcement that he was leaving the PPA at the end of the month, the poker advocacy group appears to be experiencing financial difficulties, recently asking for donations to continue their efforts. On Friday, the PPA revealed that they need to raise at least $25,000 before the end of March to continue their work.

US Poker’s Martin Derbyshire asks whether the PPA will survive their recent troubles and perhaps more importantly, whether it should.

Quick Hitters

– Sports betting continues to gain momentum in the United States as West Virginia Senate passes a sports betting bill on Tuesday. The bill now heads on over to the House of Delegates where it will be further considered. The state is one of 20 that are attempting to positioning themselves for the US Supreme Court decision that could open up sports betting outside of Nevada.

– In New York, casinos in the state have fallen $230 million short of initial revenue projections in the first year of operation, possibly enhancing the chances that online gambling legislation progresses in the state during 2018.

– Grinderschool.com poker training video of the day is a short from Carroters on “Playing Out of Position When Draws Hit.” The video examines what to do when a draw hits against a reasonable hand.