2014 is the year that PlanetWin365 and The Hive Poker Network broke into the mainstream. With cash game traffic comparable to Microgaming Network, and well ahead of the likes of Unibet, Sky Poker, and PKR, the newfound attention is warranted.

There are many reasons to play at The Hive Network, and specifically Planet Win365 aside from the VIP program. The software is quite good. PlanetWin2014 offers a variety of other games including an insanely popular sportsbook. There is a €365 Deposit Bonus that clears at 25% value back with any deposit. Most importantly in our book, the games are good due to PlanetWin’s reach in the recreational market in Italy – a market that due to Italian regulations can’t typically accessed by the rest of the world.

PlanetWin2014 Bonus code: 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB

Let’s look at the VIP tiers:

Tier VPP Max Reward €1 bonus = FPP Bonus %
Soldier 0/mo €5 20 FPP 8.5%
Sergeant 6,000/mo €40 10 FPP 13.5%
Marshal 30,000/mo €120 8 FPP 25%
Captain 80,000/mo €300 8 FPP 25%
Colonel 960,000/yr €1,250 8 FPP 25%
General 2,400,00/yr €2,500 8 FPP 25%

A few key points to be aware of:

  • There are 4 monthly tiers and 2 annual tiers.
  • The top value level of 25% rakeback value is relatively easy to reach. The Marshal level gets you to that level of value with just 30,000VPPs earned in a month which is €300 in rake.
  • It’s important to be aware of the Maximum Monthly Rewards. For instance if you are a Captain and earn 90,000 VPPs per month (€900 in rake) you’ll want to be sure to redeem your points for €225 in cash each calendar month since the monthly reward limit is €300. If you don’t redeem them the €300 limit will be a problem in future months.
  • The VIP program is the same across all Hive Network rooms.
  • PlanetWin 365 Gutscheincode: 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB

    Here’s a video that breaks the perks down well:

    PlanetWin 365 Código promocional: 5CGQYAAAABZGE3TB