Three-time WSOP bracelet winner and Run It Once Poker founder Phil Galfond joins Joey Ingram to talk about RIO Poker following its February 6th BETA launch.

Veteran live and online high stakes player and RIO Poker founder Phil Galfond joined Joey Ingram on February 7th for a 90-minute conversation, which included dozens of topics related to RIO Poker’s real money online poker site launch in select RoW markets.

Phil Galfond Poker Life Podcast Timestamps (Feb 7, 2019)

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(0:00) Intro, Phil Galfond – Run It Once Poker
(2:40) Phil’s immediate thoughts following RIO Poker’s BETA launch
(3:30) Poker community feedback post-launch
(4:40) Continued improvements – development plus Phil’s insight
(6:30) RIO Poker Splash The Pot feature — rewards transparency
(8:43) Dan Quinn came up with the STP concept
(9:45) Phil explains “Splash The Pot” — expected value for players
(14:35) RIO Poker cash games have 100 Big Blind “minimum buy-in”
(16:30) Phil addresses critique/recommendations for STP feature
(16:35) Should “splashes” count towards the pot in PLO? Chris Kruk input.
(20:00) FORTNITE continuous updates show importance of flexibility
(20:20) New stakes are coming for RIO poker, including high stakes games
(21:35) Comparing RIO Poker rake prices to other online poker sites
(24:15) Micro-stakes rake conversation (RIO Poker estimates)
(27:00) Could you imagine if RIO Poker decided to ‘fire’ Phil?

(27:45) Joey believes Run It Once Poker will provide opportunities for pros/streamers
(28:40) Community engagement for RIO Poker fans
(33:00) Did Jaime Staples & Jeff Gross ditch Stars for RIO Poker?
(33:40) RIO Poker streamR program (explanation of the 4 tiers)
(37:40) Elías Gutierrez created ‘streamR’ concept — will be first Run It Once Pro
(39:20) Comparing high-tier ‘streamR’ pros to old PokerStars SNE benefits/rakeback
(40:15) Video clips of RIO Poker’s numerous various gameplay features
(48:30) Does Phil Galfond believe other poker sites with mimick RIO Poker’s ideas?
(49:00) Table re-sizing and other priority tasks for dev team
(50:38) The everyday swongs of #devsLife
(52:33) Run It Once Poker ‘Help Center’ webpage
(53:40) Shout-outs to Farah Galfond, poker community, RIO Poker team, everybody
(54:30) Patented Papi shout-outs. Joey may travel abroad to stream RIO Poker
(56:05) Should Joey find a random person to take him in for RIO poker grind?
(57:00) What devices/platforms is RIO Poker available on?
(58:30) Keeping up with requests from RIO Poker players
(59:30) RIO Poker is currently looking for qualified developers
(1:00:50) Should live poker players also play online poker simultaneously?
(1:01:28) Phil Galfond’s family life, “baby shifts,” etc.
(1:02:35) Current Restricted Countries, complications w/licensing, U.S. market woes
(1:03:30) Scandinavians are “naturally gifted,” says Phil Galfond
(1:05:23) RIO Poker plans to add Sit & Go’s (SNGs) before tournaments (MTTs)
(1:06:18) Phil says games similar to PokerStars “ZOOM”, and mixed games may come at a later time
(1:07:10) You can’t ‘run it twice’ at Run It Once Poker
(1:09:52) Should “nitty” players be trolled/outwardly discouraged?
(1:11:00) Papi doesn’t believe Swedes are good for the online poker ecology
(1:11:45) Restricted players who want to support RIO Poker can watch streamR casts
(1:12:25) Phil’s market share goals? WIll RIO Poker go public? Cyber security team?
(1:13:37) How to report tech issues — please look at KNOWN ISSUES before reporting
(1:14:42) “Spectator” mode for RIO Poker for Americans?
(1:15:28) Any “Home Games” or other format for blocked players?
(1:16:22) Bigger plans for RIO Poker streams on Twitch?
(1:17:22) Affiliate program may be “a couple of months” away
(1:18:25) Is Phil Galfond too “calm and collected?” Or is he just tired?
(1:19:25) Phil’s thoughts on debuting as a father and poker operator within 5 weeks.
(1:23:33) Reasons why Papi would be a great father
(1:25:17) Farah Galfond’s poker pursuits, Phil plans to remain in Las Vegas
(1:25:50) Phil Galfond doesn’t recall stacking Phil Ivey for $500k
(1:27:30) Phil is having issues w/mass multi-tasking, wants to become more efficient
(1:29:25) Supporting streamR casters, RIO Poker
(1:30:35) Joey’s takeaways from Bahamas PSPC trip
(1:32:05) Dialogue about PokerStars’ controversial executive decisions
(1:33:00) What happened to the investigative video Joey hyped?
(1:33:35) Phil’s take on why it’s a bad idea to “force” content
(1:34:10) Why is Joey hesitating making the controversial video? (it’s not about Eli Elezra)
(1:36:30) Conclusion, Phil Galfond – Run It Once Poker

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