Three-time WSOP bracelet winner and Run It Once Poker founder Phil Galfond joins Joey Ingram to talk about current events in the poker world. Editorial and timestamps recap from July 16, 2018 episode.

Veteran live and online high stakes player and RIO Poker founder Phil Galfond joined Joey Ingram on July 16th for a 90-minute conversation on dozens of topics that are currently being discussed within the poker community.

The duo got together on a Monday following a highly successful 2018 World Series of Poker which attracted the second-largest Main Event entry pool in its historic run as tournament poker’s most prestigious brand.

There are several high profile “current event” topics that Phil and Papi discuss on the show, such as this year’s WSOP and updates on the RIO Poker project.

However, the biggest news story out of the episode could be the possibility of a formal collaboration effort between Poker Life Podcast host Joey Ingram and the World Series of Poker in 2019. (TIMESTAMP 55:05)

The effects that large-scale player/fan/operator collaboration could have on a marquee industry brand in 2019 are unknown. Yet Ingram’s connectivity among poker enthusiasts along with his ideas on creating the best “player experience” could propel the WSOP to new heights if the two parties are able to come to terms.

It is possible that such a partnership would galvanize important sectors of the for-profit poker crowd in an effort to boost player loyalty to a brand that has a proven track record of welcoming players of all skill levels while providing an unmistakable “poker atmosphere” for players over a six-week period.

Ingram could also quite possibly be one of the few (if not only) poker personalities capable of aligning big-name players and their corresponding training interests to help market, promote and organize certain features at the 2019 WSOP. The success of such a collaborative agreement would rely heavily on the initiative both parties would take to increase attendance and player value at next year’s Series.

For Phil Galfond, it appears that his “summer of poker” has officially ended. He expects to return to his duties as head of the RIO Poker project soon. Below our readers will find the timestamps for the July 16th Poker Life Podcast conversation featuring Phil Galfond.

Phil Galfond Poker Life Podcast Timestamps (Jul 16, 2018)

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(0:00) Intro, Phil Galfond of Run It Once Poker
(1:42) Phil’s 2018 WSOP/Las Vegas experience
(5:25) Doing official commentary work has helped Joey & Phil at the tables
(7:16) Homage to WSOP legend Joe Cada
(7:40) Who had the best summer at the 2018 WSOP?
(10:53) WSOP 2018 most memorable moments, live poker is in a great place right now
(11:50) Prepping to launch RIO Poker
(15:05) 2018 WSOP Main Event recap and insight
(22:50) Big-time bluff hand at WSOP Main Event final table

(37:04) How is Phil balancing his professional and personal activities?
(39:10) WSOP 2018 summary and the status of “poker as a profession”
(40:39) Papi and Galfond praise Phil Hellmuth’s creative talent, 15th WSOP bracelet
(42:24) Shout-out to Scott Seiver’s thoughts on Phil Hellmuth’s 1.8 Turbo-Knockout markup

(44:25) Big One for One Drop (hindsight preview)
(50:15) Phil Galfond “shocked” by huge July 4th WSOP turnout
(51:22) Any schedule changes necessary for WSOP ME?
(53:05) World Series of Poker prestige
(55:05) Joey reveals potential collaboration with WSOP in 2019

“My dream is definitely to help turn the World Series of Poker — I think it’s special now — but to really make it even more special, in terms of just the entire process of it all. In terms of the way it looks. It terms of the way that people enjoy themselves there, and the player experience there. I think that’s certainly one of my big goals right now is to really have an impact, and take the World Series of Poker to another level that I really believe that it can go.”

(55:58) Daniel Negreanu’s WSOP 2018 vlogs
(56:40) Phil Ivey’s return to mainstream live poker games
(1:00:00) Vanessa Selbst WSOP 2018 drama and strategy discussion
(1:02:32) Dominik Nitsche realizes his dream at 2018 WSOP One Drop

(1:03:26) Vanessa Selbst discussion continues
(1:05:43) Exercise and diet during WSOP
(1:10:15) “Sit upright” prop bet? Tommy Angelo to the rescue.
(1:11:09) Poker massage therapists discussion

(1:13:14) Merchandise markups at WSOP
(1:14:58) Poker Life Podcast shout-outs to live chat participants
(1:15:59) Fan interactions at 2018 WSOP
(1:17:04) Run It Once YouTube Channel and video content
(1:19:22) Nick Schulman’s top-notch poker commentary
(1:20:15) Phil Galfond on what he learned doing PokerGO commentary during WSOP
(1:22:04) Poker Twitter “stepped it up” this summer
(1:24:08) Shout-out to Drea Renee of PokerGO
(1:25:02) Daniel Negreanu “thirst hype” is real – Low Key Savage (LKS) skills
(1:25:50) Phil Galfond upcoming plans and how much he will miss playing poker
(1:27:50) Current Run It Once business structure
(1:28:58) Shout-out to Farah and Baby Galfond
(1:31:05) Outro, Shaun Deeb Podcast July 19th, Doug Polk July 23rd

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