The PartyPoker New Jersey blog churns out new posts almost every day. We highlight some of our favorite content from the last couple of weeks.

His lucky day

One lucky player made the final table of the week’s biggest tourney, and won a milestone hand to boot.

“flipflopdoc” got to the final table of the Sunday $50K guaranteed, finishing in sixth place for $1,600.

On top of that, he was one of the lucky players to be dealt into PartyPoker NJ‘s 51 millionth hand about 12 hours later. For winning that hand, he added another $250 to his account.

PartyPoker NJ is giving out money for more milestone hands, through 60 million. Get the details here.

Sexton chat

Mike Sexton continues to tell stories at the blog, including the worst bad beat he ever took, at the hands of Stu Ungar. And he tells us about Ungar losing money at golf:

TAG, you’re it

Josef Rantamaki tells us how to beat tight-aggressive players in the latest free strategy video:

Kara’s corner

Party pro Kara Scott takes some time to reflect on her life, Scott got married this year, and she recounts the role poker has played in bringing her to this point.

When I think about it, I know that I owe a lot to poker. It’s been a crazy ride since I first sat down behind the anchor desk at the old ‘Poker Night Live’ show in 2005. The first person to teach me what this ‘Texas Hold’em’ was all about was the super talented and very funny Nick Wealthall who was a Pro on that show. It makes sense to me that he was the person who stood beside me as the Best Man at my wedding.