888 Poker sponsored pro and famous Twitch streamer Parker Talbot (known as “TonkaaaaP” online) joined Poker Life Podcast host Joey Ingram this weekend for a 110-minute episode that covered a wide range of topics.

The January 26th segment marked Papi‘s return from semi-retirement and revealed a number of little-known facts. For one, the #PokerStreamerLife is TOUGH, but “TonkaaaaP” plans on being live for his Twitch fans three days per week in 2018. Also, there is a very interesting section of the show in which Parker talks about current salary ranges for sponsored pros on various sites.

The all-time leading live tournament cash prize winner Daniel Negreanu — who recently expressed his concerns about seat scripting in online poker cash games — gets some love on this weekend’s podcast. And 14-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth received a shout-out for his 2017 Poker Night in America King of The Hill victory (#PHnicelife) as well.

Near the end of the show, ChicagoJoey reveals he and “Wizard Assistant” Jonah Vella invited Chris Ferguson to appear on the podcast during the 2017 WSOP. They were unsurprisingly turned down, but perhaps the embattled former poker site exec will be ready to go by the year 2020.

Our readers can watch the latest Poker Life Podcast in its entirety below, complete with timestamps.

Poker Life Podcast Timestamps (Parker Talbot, Jan 26, 2018)

Day 1 YouTube Ratings: 4,663 Views – 247 Likes, 2 Dislikes

(0:00) Intro, Parker Talbot — 888 Poker Sponsored Pro, Upswing Poker Lab Coach
(1:25) Doug Polk crypto channel discussion (28 vids, 141k subs)
(3:45) Parker’s thoughts on possibly getting into crypto space
(4:45) Poker “conversating” has been taken over by crypto
(7:30) Why Parker initially began streaming
(8:30) Parker Talbot considered leaving the poker streaming space
(12:04) Stereotyping a Swedish girlfriend, long-distance relationship swongs
(14:49) Parker Talbot plans steady Twitch/YouTube content in 2018
(16:38) Multiplayer video games PUBG and Fortnite, poker industry vs. other industries
(19:58) The State of Online Poker — people have become MTT crazy
(22:46) Daniel Negreanu’s recent FCP Podcast response to Joey’s YouTube video, online cash games
(25:50) Current PokerStars marketing strategy compared to 888 Poker
(27:11) Felipe Ramos, Jason Mercier and Vanessa Selbst no longer with Stars
(27:58) Why did Parker choose 888 Poker over other online poker operators?
(29:48) Current Partypoker marketing: Ike Haxton, Jason Koon, Fedor Holz as pros
(31:17) The value of poker streamers as sponsored pros
(33:58) Parker’s relationship as Upswing Poker Lab Coach — Doug Polk aka Sex God
(36:56) Joey’s best moments since 2017 WSOP
(38:13) PNIA steams inactive since Matt Glantz caught crypto bug, Jmo Twitter call-out of Matt
(40:08) Shout-out to loyal stream followers, Lex Veldhuis love
(40:55) More on Twitch Poker streaming
(44:25) Handicapping hypothetical 2v2 basketball match-ups
(45:49) Jaime Staples prop bet shout-out. Could Parker do the same?
(47:38) Can Jaime and Matt Staples actually win prop bet?
(50:24) The Vlogging space, Casey Neistat shout-out
(52:28) Papi has $6,900 prop bet — updates on Mandarin and swimming wagers
(53:29) Parker Talbot’s upcoming schedule in early 2018
(56:00) Are Parker Talbot & Samantha Abernathy in a relationship?
(57:43) Shout-outs, Papi’s suggestions for poker media content & NBA podcast guest prop bet update
(59:42) “Sponsored Pro” compensation ranges (that Parker knows exist) — $40k to $300k per year
(1:02:21) Unregulated poker site ACR discussion
(1:05:09) PokerStars doesn’t want “withdrawing” players on their site, especially in cash games
(1:05:41) Private poker apps & websites discussion, online high stakes cash games difficulties
(1:09:06) Parker’s recent Sit & Gos streams, rakeback grinders have moved to MTTs
(1:11:15) Staking groups — the entry barrier to profitable online poker grinding has been elevated
(1:12:48) Poker training material has vastly improved as well
(1:13:46) Parker stars in “great social media clip”
(1:14:30) Really great online poker players study hardcore
(1:16:46) Things streamers have to always be thinking about
(1:17:39) Online poker profit is still possible, it’s just much more challenging
(1:18:05) Parker shares friend’s success story, insists focus is paramount to succeed
(1:20:22) Papi & Parker give shout-outs
(1:21:08) Mixed games coming soon to Parker’s Twitch channel?
(1:22:01) Andrew Neeme’s podcast, collaboration is an under-utilized resource in business
(1:23:03) More discussion on vlogging content
(1:26:06) High stakes games are way more “manufactured” nowadays
(1:26:50) Poker After Dark paywall has limited its viewership/media coverage
(1:27:26) GPL Season 1 mistakes. Did recruitment process ignore Twitch streamers?
(1:29:29) How being a sponsored pro affects live stream content
(1:29:58) Shilling and heavy promotion on-stream is negative to retaining viewers
(1:30:53) Daniel Negreanu’s quality content, Joey shares outreach strategy
(1:32:41) Doug Polk’s quality content
(1:33:29) Questions from chat… “edibles” podcast coming soon?
(1:35:20) Follow Parker Talbot on social media: TonkaaaaP
(1:36:00) If you focus on one thing, you will be sacrificing another — trade offs
(1:37:00) Making a plan and executing on it, getting organized
(1:41:25) Poker pros & weed. Not all that GTO for poker grinding.
(1:43:01) Chris Ferguson dissed Papi & Jonah’s podcast guest invitation at WSOP
(1:43:25) Parting thoughts, GTO poker strategy and life advice
(1:49:16) Outro Tease: U.S. Poker Open, Sam Simmons on the Poker Life Podcast next week
(1:50:32) Papi shares recent story involving a hotel room and prawn stars, Outro

Parker Talbot is a representative of online gambling platform 888 Poker, a leading poker streamer, and a featured coach for the Upswing Lab poker training service. He is routinely available on Twitch or social media to respond to fan feedback and answer viewer questions.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONSIDERATION (TWITTER): @PartTimePoker, @TonkaaaaP, @joeingram1, @benefactumgames, @abarber1, @dhubermex

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