Poker pro Daniel Negreanu apparently has few boundaries when it comes to streaming on Twitch — and that includes “streaming” in the bathroom.

The well-known PokerStars pro, who has recently started playing poker while using the live streaming site Twitch, has garnered a lot of attention with his appearance on the site. He got a little more attention when he decided to take his laptop with him to the bathroom, rather than take a break from playing and streaming.

You can watch Negreanu taking the piss, literally, below:

Another pro, Mike “Timex” McDonald was one of the people who caught him in the act:

Just a few days after streaming for the first time, Negreanu’s Twitch channel has nearly a quarter of a million views and more than 13,000 followers.

Negreanu has said he likes using Twitch, so far. It seems we’re likely to see more of Negreanu, as PokerStars has a made a push in recent months to have its pros stream content on Twitch. Hopefully we don’t see him doing No. 2, however.