Winter Warrior may be over and done with, but you won’t lack for missions to complete at Bet365 in January, and possibly not for the foreseeable future. Once again, €100,000 in prizes are to be given out over the course of the month, to players who opt in to and complete various simple missions.

Bet365 is a skin on the iPoker network, and these mission months are offered network-wide with such regularity we’re beginning to wonder when, if ever, we’re going to see a month without missions. Bet365 is in the habit of adding its own twists and perks to the mission months, and January is no exception.

Here’s the lowdown

As usual, January’s promotion consists of a mix of daily and weekly missions, each of which grants entry to a freeroll. The daily missions grant tickets to €1,000 freerolls which run nightly at 7 PM GMT daily. Any ticket can be used for any freeroll, so there’s no need to play on the same day you complete a mission, but each freeroll is single-entry only, so make sure you don’t leave yourself unusable tickets at the end of the month.

The weekly missions grant tickets to weekly €20,000 freerolls. Here, there are two missions each week, either or both of which can be completed. The freerolls are held Sunday nights at 8 PM GMT. Each tournament is double-entry, so you can earn and use two tickets each week.

The Bet365 Premium experience

This month, Bet365 differs from the rest of the iPoker network in one small and one bigger way. Firstly, the missions themselves are different, and many involve Bet365’s “Premium” tables. These are tables open only to Bet365 users to play against one another, not against any other iPoker users. More importantly, the Daily Missions have a “Low” and a “High” version. The Low version grants entry to the same €1,000 freerolls as the rest of the network. The High version grants a Premium Steps: Step 3 ticket.

As with the Premium tables, Premium Steps tickets are available only on Bet365. The Steps tournaments are three-player matches in which the winner receives a ticket to the next higher Step. The runner-up receives one to the next lower Step, and the loser walks away empty-handed. There are nine Steps in total, and winning at Step 9 grants an €800 cash Payout. The Step 3 tickets awarded through the Daily High missions have a buy-in value of €2.50.

The fine print

All Bet365 users are automatically entered in the Daily Low missions and need only complete the requirements to receive their freeroll ticket. Daily High and Weekly missions require the player to opt in before their play is counted towards the mission. Registration to freerolls and Steps tournaments is manual. Unused freeroll tickets will expire at the end of the promotion, while Steps tickets are good for two months.

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