AUTHOR UPDATE: March 19th, 2018: Since the original publication date of this article (March 10th, 2018), concerning news has come to light related to CoinPoker’s traffic. Please take the time to read the following articles that detail why online poker players should be extremely wary of participating in any poker games offered by CoinPoker.

CoinPoker’s Traffic is a Farce (Alex Weldon, Part Time Poker – March 18th, 2018)
CoinPoker Hands-Played Promo Creates Farcical Traffic (Haley Hintze, FlushDraw – March 18th, 2018)

AUTHOR FULL DISCLOSURE: March 19th, 2018: This author holds a personal level of esteem and admiration for current CoinPoker “Head of Security” Michael Josem due to his tireless effort informing the public on the infamous UltimateBet/AbsolutePoker/Cereus Network scandal. However, this author also holds an equal disdain for CoinPoker’s obvious lack of security oversight that has been exposed by Part Time Poker lead contributor Alex Weldon and further relayed by FlushDraw veteran columnist Haley Hintze, as well as the undisclosed relationship between CoinPoker and PokerNews — a poker media/affiliate website majority-owned by The Stars Group.

Original article published on March 10th, 2018.

Old-school online poker player and renowned investigative sleuth Michael Josem made his debut this weekend on the Poker Life Podcast hosted by Joey Ingram.

Josem is the current Head of Security at CoinPoker — a cryptocurrency-based poker site, and joined ChicagoJoey for a two-hour broadcast from his “Castle of Freedom” in the Isle of Man.

Michael Josem Poker Background

Australian Michael Josem is perhaps best known in the poker community for his 2008 research into the Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker cheating scandals — which would eventually become the highest profile online poker news of its time while provoking a major shift in the way players typically regard poker site security issues.

Following his investigative work on behalf of players, Josem — along with fellow investigator Serge Ravitch — were employed by PokerStars to create solutions on how best to detect prohibited software, collusion, and suspicious player tendencies that could jeopardize the integrity of a real money online poker game.

Josem worked alongside PokerStars talent in this area until leaving the company in 2017. He now works on a number of projects outside of his main gig at CoinPoker, and writes about a wide rage of topics on his blog site.

Michael Josem Poker Life Podcast Debut

Most of the industry-leaning topics discussed on the March 9th program are contained within the first hour, while the second half mainly consists of informal banter between the GTO legend and his guest. Our readers can consult the detailed timestamps below for an outline of the show.

Michael Josem Poker Life Podcast Timestamps (March 9, 2018)

Day 1 YouTube Ratings: 4,393 Views – 121 Likes, 11 Dislikes

(0:00) Intro: Michael Josem – Head of Security at CoinPoker, legendary 2+2 poster and #BeardLife enthusiast
(1:34) Did 2017 WSOP #OOL cost Papi “Podcast of The Year” at 4th annual American Poker Awards?
(2:18) Americas Cardroom discussion begins, refunds as high as $1,800 have been issued to ACR customers
(3:34) Josem believes cardrooms should respond/refund players who were “unfairly” harmed
(4:40) Players on offshore sites don’t have a lot of recourse to lodge customer complaints
(5:27) The patented ACR player-refund process
(5:59) CoinPoker (cryptocurrency poker site) discussion begins, what players can expect
(8:17) Josem’s role/responsibilities as Head of Security for CoinPoker
(9:59) Starting a poker site from the ground-up, building foundation & segregating player funds from operating expenses
(12:25) Luke Schwartz & Jason Mo work with HighStakes (GGNetwork), Dan Colman & Brian Rast are with Virtue Poker
(12:50) CoinPoker availability unknown for U.S. poker players. Are crypto-poker sites legit?
(15:19) Michael Josem (and Serge Ravitch) were instrumental in uncovering UB/AP superuser activities
(16:31) PokerStars is “only” site that currently offers “highest level” of player fund protection in UK market
(17:56) Bots discussion, proliferation of “prohibited software” in real money online poker games
(19:02) “Two halves” to making a good bot, how to curb “bot” activity
(22:03) Bot-vs-Bot competition is happening via other projects (Poker Bot World Championship)
(23:16) Viewer chat: “Hamilton Ellis” submits comment on ACR refunds
(23:49) “James Szolopiak” asks how a player can best identify “bot play”
(24:30) Shout-out to confirmed human “rs03rs03” who 120-tabled on PokerStars
(26:01) Working on one’s game is likely a better investment of time than bot-sleuthing
(28:31) MJ-YourCommunity-dot-org, bounty challenge issued, Barry Carter shout-out
(30:17) Josem & Papi #BeardLife discussion (GTO or GTFO?) – Joey still awaiting “puberty” stage to grow proper beard
(32:22) PokerStars changes after June 2014 – Isai Scheinberg (former PokerStars owner) discussion
(35:23) David Baazov (former Amaya CEO) discussion
(36:21) Josem believes iGaming industry needs to re-focus its efforts on providing value to customers, Unibet shout-out
(37:34) Confirmed: research into David Baazov will blow your mind. PokerStars making adjustments post-Baazov?
(40:56) Mobile device gambling offers new opportunities for operators, UK study shows 53% of all iGaming now on mobile
(42:02) Lottery-style Sit & Gos were originally launched by Winamax, discussion of lottery-style games
(45:37) Some customers actually enjoy “100% rake” social gaming
(47:52) Josem argues that customer motivations drive market, not the other way around
(49:32) Papi isn’t so sure that’s what’s happening in current “poker marketing” environment, more discussion
(54:32) Online gambling market has simply shifted since 2011, says Josem
(55:59) Phil Galfond’s recent response to rake arguments, potential upcoming Galfond Poker Life guest appearance
(57:25) Confirmed: Some poker players enjoy playing lottery-style poker games
(58:48) Michael Josem appeard on Al Jazeera TV recently, PokerStars usage of Usain Bolt in advertising
(1:01:09) Josem recalls convincing community that there was indeed superusing activity going on at UB/AP
(1:02:49) “Voting with your feet” – food discussion, pizza photos
(1:04:20) Why should people play at CoinPoker?
(1:07:56) The benefits of blockchain technology, CoinPoker promo code: “gummiworms” ???
(1:08:48) Shout-out to Isle of Man football legend Calum Morrissey followed by Papi’s patented shout-outs
(1:11:05) David Peters will appear on Poker Life Podcast this Saturday (March 10th, 6PM Eastern)
(1:11:40) What’s in the works for CoinPoker/Michael Josem? Josem date-night gets cancelled at last minute?
(1:13:00) What does the future hold for Papi Ingram?
(1:14:32) Is Joey interested in eventually starting a family?
(1:15:51) What makes people happy in life?
(1:16:35) Religion and old-school What’s Happening “Ralph the Lettuce Head” cult creation
(1:17:54) Has Poker Life Podcast invited guests from Antarctica? Nigerian & North Korean guests TBA?
(1:19:20) Michael Josem’s political background in Australia & England
(1:19:52) Michael Josem for Isle of Man Senate?
(1:20:49) How accurately does Netflix original “House of Cards” portray American politics?
(1:21:46) Government corruption in modern-day society, shout-out to “Paradise Papers” and TSG ownership of PokerNews
(1:26:00) Degree of “adultness” in setting a sleeping schedule?
(1:27:37) Recommended Reading: “The Vanishing American Adult” by Ben Sasse
(1:29:28) Tank-tops are making a return – shout-out to “chesticles” – confirmed Papi & Josem are “wearing pants”
(1:30:44) Get in touch with Michael Josem, contact on social media @MichaelJosem or rent his “Castle of Freedom”
(1:32:00) “Blockchain is not nearly as sexy as spending a night at my house, right?” -Michael Josem
(1:32:49) Rent your house, get married, start a family, create Airbnb babies – Papi & Josem to start a family?
(1:35:12) Overnight stay at Papi’s Palace (pallet, toaster, pop tarts & insemination not included)
(1:35:46) What’s the rake on Josem’s Isle of Man Castle of Freedom? Airbnb promotional ideas.
(1:38:03) The Josem Globetrotter, upcoming #BeardLife travel plans
(1:38:56) Josem submits idea on how Papi can get back into good graces with American Poker Awards
(1:40:36) Doug Polk cryptocurrency YouTube channel. What are Josem’s thoughts on Alex Dreyfus?
(1:41:43) Did Alex Dreyfus learn the word “initiative” from studying old-school David Baazov tapes? #EnergyLife ftw.
(1:44:15) Papi draws inspiration from Stars Rewards (Chests) program – offers Chaminade photo prize
(1:45:02) Isle of Man #DateLife swongs with Michael Josem – “millionaire vs. manslaughter” bar story
(1:49:46) What’s Papi’s dating life like in Las Vegas?
(1:50:14) Online dating apps provide unique opportunity to meet new people

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