The Poker Life Podcast returned during the Thanksgiving holiday week with a 90-minute segment featuring poker player Vivian Saliba of Brazil.

At 24 years of age, Vivian is a recently-signed 888 Poker sponsored player who represents a new breed of poker site pros who actively seek to engage the community and spread brand awareness to new players around the world.

A Pot Limit Omaha fan at heart, Saliba’s best poker tournament score to-date was a result of an 11th Place performance in the $10,000 buy-in PLO event at this year’s Series. She also happened to be the only female player under the age of 25 who entered the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Vivian’s conversation with Joey Ingram Wednesday was focused almost entirely on the game of poker — from the Brazilian star’s journey as a for-profit player while attending college to how much she enjoyed hanging out with her poker friends this past summer in Las Vegas.

Our readers can find out more about Vivian Saliba by watching the full episode which is embedded below. Timestamps are included along with some quoted material that touches on a few of the highlights from the November 22nd program.

Vivian Saliba – Poker Life Podcast VIDEO & TIMESTAMPS

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(0:00) Intro, Vivian Saliba from Brazil
(0:44) Papi says Vivian Saliba is the “best female PLO player” he’s ever met
(2:51) Vivian’s poker story, dropped out of college (third year) to play for-profit

I’ve been playing poker for seven years now… I started playing here in Brazil when I was underage. I was 17. My dad, he also plays and he took me to a poker club [and I] had a fake ID, and I played a freeroll tournament. And if you busted and you [had to] re-enter it cost like $10 dollars.

(6:50) Vivian’s experience playing 888 Live event in London

The Ladies Event was in 888 Live in London. It was two months ago and I got a package for the WSOP Europe because of that. And I cashed the Main [Event] and I played decent. Suddenly I didn’t run very good but it still was amazing because it was kind of a freeroll.

(7:54) Vivian Saliba signed with 888poker this year, back story

I always joked that I had two options: either I would be really successful or a f**king legend. Those were my only two options.

(9:47) Papi compares successful for-profit poker players vs. casual, inconsistent ones
(11:06) How have Vivian’s goals shifted since her initial success this year?
(12:24) MTT glory vs. PLO cash game grinding, Phil Hellmuth mixed-game love
(14:28) Vivian Saliba is a #foodie, has #OOL pizza weakness
(15:40) Shout-out to Papi, Vivian’s live table image, social interaction at the table
(17:47) Vivian was only female player under 25 in entire 2017 WSOP Main Event
(18:39) Why there aren’t more women in poker

It’s not a U.S. thing or a Europe thing or a Brazilian thing. Everywhere, [there are] not that many women for many reasons. We can bring more women to the game, we can do some tournaments for women, we can do some promotions and I think the number can be bigger. But I never think it’s going to be a similar number. You see that in many sports: like in soccer, Formula One, UFC… some things are more manly than girly.

I think it’s a logical, mathematical thing. And women can be really good and play equally, but many women don’t have the interest. So there are not many women. And the Main Event is a $10,000 buy-in. It’s pretty expensive.

(20:20) Vivian’s $10k WSOP PLO story from this past summer
(23:24) WSOP $10k PLO tournament is one of the softest events in the Series
(25:53) Brand new Poker Life Podcast camera and setup coming soon
(26:24) Vivian’s 2016 WSOP experience compared to 2017
(28:05) Poker Swongs with Papi & Vivi, being competitive
(30:30) WSOP is great for catching up with poker friends
(31:10) Shout-out to Indian poker player Muskan Sethi
(32:08) Vivian’s favorite poker friends she hung out with at WSOP this summer
(33:33) Meet Napoleon
(35:27) The “poker club” scene in Brazil, high rake is bad for the game

We don’t have casinos. We have only poker clubs. And it’s really bad for professional poker players because [the poker clubs] do whatever they want. The rake is ridiculous. It’s unbeatable, and even if you beat it (because I did for a long time), it’s not fair because you’re giving away so much. They charge 5% no-cap for PLO, Hold’em… everything. If you’re playing the biggest game, it’s no-cap.

(38:10) Vivian’s experiences learning about online poker with 888poker
(39:39) Joe Ingram PLO Week on Live at the Bike, December 11th-15th
(40:28) #SillyVivi, “once it gets going, you can’t turn it off”
(41:30) Challenges of being a female poker player
(43:08) Haters in poker, 2% haters vs. 98% positive people
(44:26) Crazy, jealous women who hate on Vivi
(45:55) Vivian Saliba shares uplifting story from fan
(48:49) HU4ROLZ Guitar Challenge — SeanND vs. Papi Ingram
(49:37) Vivian’s 888poker sponsorship story
(51:51) Shout-out to 888 sponsored players and ambassadors
(53:36) Getting invitations to play poker
(54:50) How do you say “accommodating” in Portuguese?
(56:25) Shout-out to Papi’s stalkers
(58:14) Secret summer prop bet between Papi & Vivi REVEALED
(1:00:54) Vivian’s plans for rest of 2017 and beyond
(1:02:24) Poker Life Podcast exodus hype is real
(1:04:00) Why Papi fell out of love with Australia
(1:05:55) Overcoming camera shyness & stage fright, embracing vulnerability
(1:10:05) Haters have unique knack for “offending people for free”

There are people who are frustrated in their lives. Or they want to be like… they wish they were you and they just throw bad stuff. I don’t know why people do that, but now I realize that sometimes you do it and you don’t even know you’re doing it. You just say things to friends or you write something and you don’t realize you’re hurting people. Or just offending people for free.

(1:10:41) Niche focus in poker leads to success, “jack of all trades” approach doesn’t
(1:12:20) Does Vivian plan to go back to a “regular job”
(1:13:20) Why responsibility and accountability are good for many poker players
(1:14:24) Vivian’s “aha” moment as a poker player
(1:16:35) Who are the best poker players & personalities?

This is a tough question because there are so many good people and good players. I’m pretty impressed with Fedor Holz. Like what he’s been doing, I think he’s damn impressive. Talking about women, I think Vanessa Selbst. She’s amazing.

(1:19:55) Vivian’s biggest cash game session win
(1:21:35) Follow Vivian on social media — IG: @vivi.saliba — TWITTER: @visaliba
(1:23:04) Outro, Doug Polk podcast appearance Friday, LATB PLO Week in December

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