Tournament action was going down in all corners of the globe this week and weekend. The EPT headed to Sochi where Yury Masliankou dominated the final table to win ₽9,317,000 (or roughly $139,755 USD). Meanwhile Sandeep Pulusani and Ryan Tosoc chopped the Bay 101 Shooting Star. And one lucky man in Mississippi turned just $25 into over $100,000. It’s all here and more in the weekend edition of The Hit and Run.


Yury Masliankou Wins ₽77,000 EPT National Sochi

The EPT headed to Mother Russia this week and one of the biggest events leading up to the Main was the EPT National event. And after the dust finally cleared, it was Yury Masliankou who would win all the chips, the trophy, and over $139k (USD). Yury came into the final table as the chip leader, but it was a hard-fought battle with several players holding the chiplead at different points in the day.

The final table consisted of (understandably) mostly Russian players, except for one Indian player and Yury himself, who is Belarusan.

Here are the final table payouts courtesy of PokerNews:

The Sochi 8


Congrats to all the big winners! Meanwhile the EPT Main would also be getting under way as this event was finishing. PokerStars Platinum Pass winner Ramon Colillas had a fantastic day and finished in the Top Ten in chips. Be sure to come back to PTP to find out how that event is shaking down.


Sandeep Pulusani and Ryan Tosoc Chop Bay 101 Shooting Star

There’s still a decent amount of confusion as to why one of the WPT’s most popular stops – The Bay 101 Shooting Star was taken off the schedule last year. But the show went on the same this week albeit with a reduced price tag of $5,200 and no televised final table.

And after four exciting days it would be WPT champ Ryan Tosoc and WSOP bracelet winner Sandeep Pulusani who find themselves heads up and close in chips. After a short negotiation, Sandeep would be awarded the trophy and over $350,000!

A total of 440 players entered with numerous re-entries and created a prizepool of over $2 million. The final table was obviously stacked with Loni Harwood holding the chiplead when the final day began. She would ultimately bow out in 4th and high stakes regular Dan Shak would fall right behind her in 3rd.

Players had nothing but positive things to say about the tournament and staff, so hopefully this one can come back into the WPT family before too long.

Here are the final table payouts, once again courtesy of PokerNews:

The best shooting stars


Congrats to the winners and all the money they’ve won! And a special congrats to Joe Stapleton, who made the deepest run of his tournament poker career.


Quick Hitters

-As usual we check in with Robbie over at This week Robbie headed over to Russia to work the EPT Sochi event. And he posted a great article talking about some of the things he learned and is looking forward to on the trip. Check out his “5 Things I’m Looking Forward to at the 2019 EPT Sochi” to read the full story.

-Meanwhile Sean Chaffin has a nice article over on where he talks about the state of poker in New Jersey. It’s a nice player profile on two players – Michael St. John and Katie Stone, who are holding their own in the segregated market despite all the doubters.

-PokerNews is also back this week with the second half of their look into the makings of Brynn Kenney. The article by Paul Seaton follows up on the first and talks about how Brynn found Magic: The Gathering, but then was able to use those skills to crush the highest stakes poker games in the world.

-One of the most talked about and watched event of the week was the nosebleed stakes game being played on PokerGo when Daniel Negreanu, Ralph Wong, Chris Kruk, and others all met on the felt. And Global Poker Awards nominee Drew Amato was there to capture it all on camera and post some of the better pics in his “Through the Lens” series.

-And finally, I guess parlay’s really do pay off sometimes. One anonymous man in Vicksburg, MS recently turned a $25 bet into over $104,000! CardPlayer has the full story about the largest parlay ever in state history.


Best Poker Videos on the Web

-Kristy Arnett has some good advice for players of all skill levels talking about ways you might be costing yourself money at the poker table:


-Live at the Bike! featured another awesome hand between two cash game bosses – Matt Berkey and Garrett Adelstein. Watch below to see who bested who this time around:


-And finally, the Run It Once Channel has a new video up talking about certain boards where its good to bet for protection:


That’s all for this week! Keep coming back every day to PartTimePoker for your daily updates on all the action in the poker world.


Keith Woernle is a writer, comedian, and semi-pro poker player based out of New Jersey. He was a producer for season 10 of the World Poker Tour. Keith won a WSOP circuit ring in 2011. He likes poker a lot. Follow or contact him on Twitter @WoernlePoker