Rising poker personality Marle Cordeiro joins Tournament Poker Edge collaborator Mark Herm for an informal chat about women in poker, the poker world, and life in general.

Poker player Marle Cordeiro currently manages one of the fastest-growing YouTube “poker” channels on the platform.

However, an October 2018 video blog uploaded by the Las Vegas personality has caused some debate within the poker playing community.

The following one-hour video segment does not deal with land-based poker room or online poker operator business, but is rather an extension of coordinated poker personality outreach that aims to provide an informative and entertainment value to fans of the game.

This article and similar podcast recaps are directly funded by Part Time Poker, and are intended to supplement poker player communications through derivative works that may enhance a podcast episode’s viewing experience through “table of contents” indexing and commentary.

Marle Cordeiro Podcast Interview Timestamps

Day 1 YouTube Ratings: 79 Views – 2 Likes, 0 Dislikes

VIDEO SOURCE CREDIT: Tournament Poker Edge

(0:00) Intro — Marle Cordeiro
(1:03) Marle’s recent high profile YouTube vlog entry
(1:54) Marle’s pre-poker story and her goals
(3:54) Residual payments for commercials
(4:32) Birth control big-pharma commercial and kissing scenes
(5:54) Marle’s father is a longtime poker player and fan
(7:00) Marle’s New York acting/comedian dream didn’t materialize, so she moved to Vegas in 2014
(8:20) Father and daughter have established poker roots
(9:08) Marle considers herself a creative talent first, poker player second
(10:06) Considered moving back to NY, but decided to stay in Vegas
(10:22) Marle’s enormous YouTube channel growth since launching her vlog
(11:07) The creative process of writing, producing, and uploading poker content
(12:02) Viewers’ reaction to Marle’s recent vlog, criticism from Kelly Minkin
(12:53) Mark Herm argues Kelly Minkin’s point of view
(13:30) Marle believes Joey Ingram was instigating a feud in his conversation w/Kelly Minkin
(14:08) Mark explains to Marle how Kelly Minkin feels
(15:23) Story about comedian Nikki Glaser and the competitive nature of show business
(16:18) Mark shares story about Nick Mitchell (‘agriffrod’)
(17:32) Marle doesn’t grasp why some people in the poker business are so insecure and competitive
(18:22) Mark explains that Kelly Minkin “hates” Marle Cordeiro
(19:30) Marle reveals that she also experiences moments of negativity
(20:00) Misconceptions about women in poker
(21:25) “Hating” is a result of insecurities, says Herm
(22:08) Marle believes some critics of her vlogs are misunderstanding the message
(23:00) Justin Bonomo criticism of Marle’s recent video
(24:05) Being a “winning” poker player in the modern era
(24:50) Work ethic, being disciplined, and improving chances for success
(25:57) Why Marle has stopped responding to so many private messages
(28:43) Mark Herm rant resonates about how some poker players think
(29:18) Marle ended a three-year relationship recently
(29:55) The disconnection aspect of dating someone outside your own industry
(32:00) Dating people in your industry also has consequences, especially after break-up
(34:44) Poker players discuss the pressures of dating
(36:20) The difficulties of forming genuinely platonic relationships with colleagues
(38:43) Does being “totally raw” with someone end the chances of a serious relationship?
(40:53) Being pushy with another human being tends to turn them off
(41:19) “Deep Thoughts” with Mark Herm
(42:51) “Deep Thoughts” with Marle Cordeiro
(43:54) Marle’s fans want comedy, not authoritative “poker strategy” or “poker news”
(45:52) Being self-conscious about one’s physical appearance, self-validation
(47:21) Which events/circumstances in Marle’s childhood shaped her current life?
(49:35) The quick rise in popularity of Marle’s YT channel and her goals
(50:20) The relative low ceiling of poker marketing
(51:30) Marle Cordeiro social media and upcoming schedule, charity event
(52:57) Parting thoughts, conclusion

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