LeggoAs more and more players show interest in subscribing to online poker training sites, more and more sites are popping up. That competition can’t be anything but good for players, although it can be a little overwhelming if you’re trying to choose just one. Perhaps in an attempt to appeal to those having trouble making a choice, many newer entrants seem to be adopting the strategy of focusing on a specific niche. That’s the tact taken by Leggo Poker, an online poker training site that focuses primarily on mid stakes no limit cash games online.

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Cost: $30 a month (small discounts for 6/12 month upfront)
New Videos: Every weekday +
Hand Replayer: No
Core Focus: Cash games
Notable Pros: MYNAMEIZGREG, aejones, luckychewy
Video Quality: High
Download / Streaming: Both available
Archive Size: 600+ videos

Overall Ranking

LeggoPoker gets an overall score of 90/100 from the PTP Staff

Sit and Go Coverage

LP focuses primarily on cash games. No SNG coverage as of this review.

MTT Coverage

Same as above, except LP does have a handful of MTT videos.

Cash coverage

The core focus of LP. A good mix of low to mid-stakes no limit cash coverage at HU, 6 max and full ring.

Non-holdem game coverage

A dozen or so PLO videos, but not much for other non-holdem games.


While Leggo Poker has been around for a bit now, it’s a relatively recent entrant into the online poker training market. That said, they’re certainly getting off on the right foot. They’ve assembled a team of instructors who, while light on name-brand recognition, are heavy on skill and teaching ability. Videos are focused, clearly articulated and professionally done.

Leggo is also working to create a full suite of resources for their community. They offer custom coaching programs, a hand converter, a mod and hot key script database, blogs from their instructors and an active forums where instructors participate on a regular basis. While it’s still early in the development of the site, they certainly seem to have good ideas about offering a comprehensive learning experience for users.

The specific focus on no limit cash is also an asset, as it keeps the videos and community discussions all working toward a fairly narrow goal, which allows the site to offer a greater depth of knowledge and insight than some sites with a more generalist focus.

No sign up fee.


The majority of issues I have with the site are likely a result of growing pains, and it seems like LP is already moving to correct them. One example is the lack of a framework for instruction – while sites like Stox and DeucesCracked are evolving into sites that offer a curriculum, the meta-structure for LP is still evolving.

This is a site geared to cash game players, so if you can only afford one subscription and want broad coverage, you might want to think twice.


If you’re a low to mid-stakes no limit cash player and you’re looking to get insights from regular winners at those games, Leggo Poker will be a worthwhile investment that should pay for itself in short order. Plus, no signup fee.

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