The latest on the rumored PokerStars-Full Tilt Poker deal, ElkY is ripped, and the week’s top videos and threads. It’s all in the weekend edition of the Hit and Run.

PokerStars/Full Tilt Poker deal: When we left you on Friday, everyone on the planet seem to have a source or a rumor about the possible sale of Full Tilt Poker to PokerStars. Thankfully, someone put all of those rumors into one story, which you can read here. There was also what appeared to be a pretty good piece of reporting from PokerFuse saying the deal is not done, and probably won’t be until there’s an actual announcement. Some have reported that there will be such an announcement on Monday or Tuesday. We’ll try to sort out the rumors for you here.

New U.S. bill on regulation: If you want to know more about the new bill that would regulate online poker in the United States, we suggest you read this story from PokerFuse. Not surprisingly, the draft of the legislation from the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs chair, Hawaii Senator Daniel Akaka, is favorable to tribal interests.

And, in the United Kingdom, they are taking a fresh look at online gaming regulation; story here.

Vids/threads: We’ve got the top poker videos of the week (Zynga Poker gets ready for real money, Queenstown Snowfest, and acoimbra completes the MicroMillions II challenge at PokerStars) and the top threads (Rumors about the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker deal, Tony G at the Olympics). Check them out.

Quick hitters:
–Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier has been working out a lot, we guess:

–David Allan won PokerStars’ Queenstown Snowfest. Report here. The prize is in New Zealand dollars, so we have no idea if he’s rich now or not.
–Jamie Gold doing commentary for a poker tournament? We’re in.
–Also, Jamie Gold writes about his “poker diet.” Man, it’s great when Jamie Gold does things.
An update from the Card Player Poker Tour Choctaw.
–High-stakes player Bryn Kenney won a freeroll for $12K. #isthisreallife.
–An interesting read from Ed Miller on bet sizing tells.
–Pretty good poker comic. Worth a chuckle.