New York poker fixture Micah Raskin may serve up to eight years in prison for large-scale marijuana distribution. Liv Boeree speaks at TEDxManchester. And more.

Pot-Sized Bet

Micah Raskin, a long-time fixture at American poker tables, was arrested last week in his home state of New York on drug charges. The bust wasn’t just for a typical case of possession, however, but rather one of the biggest marijuana-related seizures in Nassau County history. It turns out that Raskin was (I should probably say “allegedly”) running a massive pot distribution business out of his home and a nearby storage unit.

Although he has yet to stand trial, the odds don’t look to be in Raskin’s favor, as police found roughly $750,000 worth of drugs, including over 350 pounds of weed on his property and in the storage unit, plus paperwork documenting inventory and sales. He faces additional charges for an unlicensed shotgun which was found and seized at the same time as the drugs. One would assume a guilty plea is forthcoming, as based on the evidence it doesn’t seem like a great spot to bluff.

Quick Hitters

– Fan-favorite and European top-ranking female poker pro Liv Boeree gave a talk at the latest TEDxManchester on probability and statistical decision-making in life away from the poker table.

– Chad Holloway for CardsChat managed to find a good headline in the US Poker Open results: It’s been all about those Benjamins, as Pollak and Tolerene have found wins at the series.

– Canada’s most likable poker pro Mike Leah did an interview with PokerNews. They reached out following a rare negative tweet from him complaining about not getting a nomination for an American Poker Award for winning the WPT Fallsview three times in four years.

– French-Spanish liquidity sharing is already a reality for PokerStars, and it likely won’t be long before Winamax joins the club. The French market-leader has received the green light from that country’s regulatory body ARJEL, and based on PokerStars’ timeline, it may take a matter of days rather than weeks or months for the remaining pieces to fall into place.