Monte Carlo One Drop winner Elton Tsang makes serious allegations against Leon Tsoukernik. A $1.2 million bad beat jackpot just went off at Playground Poker. Flopomania is now live. And more.

Elton Tsang Claims Leon Tsoukernik Stiffed Him for Millions

Every journalist is guilty of burying the lede from time to time, but Lee Davy brought a backhoe to the task for this one. Some absolute dynamite came up in his interview with Monte Carlo One Drop winner Elton Tsang for Calvin Ayre, yet Davy not only leaves it for a separately-published second part to the interview, but teases it as merely a “bad beat story.

What actually happened, according to Tsang, is that he met up with Leon Tsoukernik in Barcelona – introduced by a mutual friend – and was invited to play in a high-stakes private cash game alongside the likes of Tony Guoga, Fedor Holz and Dan Cates. Tsoukernik was acting as banker for the game, distributing chips, keeping track of winnings and losses, and promising to handle collections and payouts.

After two sessions, Tsang was up €1.2 million Euros, but then in the third session, he picked off several large bluffs by Tsoukernik and was up nearly €3.4 million, €3.1 million of that from Tsoukernik himself. At that point, Tsang says, Tsoukernik excused himself momentarily, but failed to return.

A few days later, Tsoukernik called Tsang for a meeting and told him that he would settle up Tsang’s winnings for the first two sessions, but that something was wrong with the third session and he would not honor that debt. His only justification was that Tsang had made, to his mind, too many good calls and good laydowns to be realistic. Although Tsang’s call-downs would seem to be fairly standard (if nervy) bluff-catches based on his recollection of the hand histories, Tsoukernik felt Tsang had to be cheating in some way.

After consulting with lawyers, Tsang discovered that private gambling debts are unenforceable in Europe and that he would have no recourse. He took the €1.2 million being offered, but decided to go public with the story after it emerged in June that Tsoukernik was accused of similar non-payment by Matt Kirk.

Based on the sums involved and participants’ initials, Tsang’s story appears to be the same one that came out in anonymous form back in 2015, but now with additional details included, everyone’s identities confirmed, and Tsang willing to publicly assert its truthfulness. Naturally, Tsoukernik denies the accusation and makes some vague counter-accusations of his own.

Quick Hitters

– Despite having the requirement for the losing hand drop all the way to Quad Eights, the bad beat jackpot at Playground Poker went unwon for many weeks, until the size of the prize had swelled to a massive $1.2 million. It finally dropped last week, as Elphege Delarosbil’s Quad Jacks lost to a Straight Flush to the Queen, rivered by Shane Galle.

– Flopomania is now live on 888poker, though outside of 888’s own attempted hype, there’s been little reaction to it one way or the other.

– Enormous sports bets tend to make the news, and if ever there was an event begging for one, it’s the upcoming boxing match between undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC champion Conor McGregor. Las Vegas businessmen Gavin and Joe Maloof think the heavily-favored Mayweather is good even at -550 odds, and have put $880,000 down on him to remain undefeated in his 50th professional match. They stand to profit $160,000.