Wrong address foils attempted robbery of Doyle Brunson. New Jersey online gaming sets another record. Criticism of Jason Somerville’s CNBC appearance.  And more.

Doyle Brunson targeted for robbery

It appears Doyle Brunson was being targeted for a robbery, but it was his neighbor who wound up being the victim, when the would-be robber got the addresses mixed up.

And just in case the robber is thinking about making a return appearance, Brunson explained how his home security system works, and why he might not be the most lucrative mark in a succession of tweets:

Quick Hitters

– Hot take alert! James Guill doesn’t think Jason Somerville was dressed to impress during his segment on CNBC. As somebody who pays particular attention  to arguments for and against online gambling expansion I have to say I didn’t really notice what Somerville was wearing until it was pointed out, although I did notice his hair was a bit disheveled. Still, I think what was being said was far more important than the outfit the messenger chose.

Basically, while I get Guill’s point, I think it’s a bit nitpicky.

– this week I took a deep dive into why it’s online poker that is typically the forgotten vertical for multinational online gaming companies; most of which now offer a comprehensive suite of game, from poker to casino to sports betting and beyond.

– New Jersey’s online gaming industry set yet another record in July, amassing over $17 million in total gross gaming revenue. The record is all the more impressive considering July is typically a down month in online gaming.

– the four color deck debate has been rekindled by poker pros David Yan and Steve O’Dwyer. Both players have a different take on the four color deck ,which PokerNews.com’s Frank Op de Woerd chronicles in this column.

– The America’s Poker Tour has launched! What’s the America’s Poker Tour? Poker News will fill you in this article.