The WSOP Main Event champ is quickly knocked out of WPT Choctaw. Some PokerStars are upset about a rake change (but not the kind you think). Check out these stories and more in the Monday Hit and Run.

World Poker Tour Season XVI Kicks Off

The World Poker Tour kicked off season XVI in Choctaw over the weekend with newly crowned WSOP champ Scott Blumstein among the players that entered. Blumstein’s run was short lived after being knocked out in the first day. Although Blumstein was certainly not a big name in the tournament scene, he has had his fair share of cashes. Prior to his WSOP Main Event win, Blumstein had accumulated over $300,000 in live tournament winnings with a handful of WSOP circuit and WPT cashes.

On Monday, the Main event had been whittled down to 24 players on 3 tables. By the end of Monday, a final table had been set with Josh Kay as chip leader with just over 11 million in chips followed by Michael Stashin, Jay Lee, Eric Bunch, Paul Fischer and James Hutton as the six return for a final day on Tuesday.

After WPT Choctaw, the tour will move on to the WPT Legends of Poker, being held from August 25th until 31st

Quick Hitters

– Rake can be a touchy subject and sometimes it doesn’t even take a rake increase to upset players. Some poker players over at Reddit are upset about changes to the way that PokerStars now details rake in the tournament lobby, citing a decrease in transparency. Instead of detailing a tournament as “$200+$15” the buy-in is simply listed as “$215” with a disclaimer in the tournament information.

Despite the hysteria from Reddit, the folks over at 2+2 don’t seem as concerned.

888poker accidentally unveiled a new game, Flopomania over the last week. Alex Weldon examines whether this game is setting up to be a success or, well a flop.

– The momentum building for legalized sports betting in the United States isn’t just coming from bettors. Former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent believes that sports betting is fast approaching in this country and a large reason why baseball franchises are going up so much in recent years.

– Classic poker training video of the day is a short on starting hands in PLO micro-stakes. This video is episode 3 in a 6-part series.