A fix that would solve the Poker Hall of Fame debate. David William’s finishes second on Master Chef. AGA and Nielsen delve into TV habits of sports bettors. And more.

A quick fix for the Poker Hall of Fame

Is we really reach some sort of consensus on how the Poker Hall of Fame can be improved? A Twitter debate between Daniel Negreanu and myself ended with the two of us in 100% agreement on a particular change that would solve a lot of the problems people have with the Poker Hall of Fame, and it seems quite a few other people agreed with the suggestion.

I’ll have an article posted on this potential fix at Part Time Poker later today. So check back in a few hours if you’re interested in this topic.

Quick Hitters

– 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event runner-up David Williams’ run on Master Chef has come to an end, and for Williams’ his time on the popular TV show ended in a familiar position, as Williams lost to fellow competitor Shaun O’Neale in the finale.

– We have a lot of thoughts on our website today, as Part Time Poker’s Keith Woernle posted part six of his ongoing series, “Thoughts on Poker: How to Grow Poker’s Popularity and Global Appeal,” and I posted my own thoughts about the Global Poker League, as the ambitious poker league readies for the second half of Season 1.

– We all know who the top candidates for online gambling legalization are (California, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and Michigan for those of you that don’t know) but who else might explore online gambling in 2017? Here’s five potential candidates from PocketFives. Spoiler Alert: Indiana, Connecticut, Illinois, West Virginia, and Maryland.

– The American Gaming Association and Nielson have put together a research note based on viewing data that shows a strong correlation between the amount of NFL games a person watches and whether or not they bet on sports.

– Poker Strategy has a rundown of the all big name players who have won a PokerStars WCOOP tournament this year.