Full Tilt folding as standalone poker site and joining PokerStars. GPL draft order determined. Phil Galfond names names and urges the poker community to do the same. And more.

Full Tilt will soon join PokerStars network

As was first reported by PokerTube, and later confirmed by OnlinePokerReport, Full Tilt Poker is about to be folded into PokerStars, which will lead to the two online poker sites combining their traffic, and Amaya saving a boatload of money as they’ll no longer have to innovate for two online poker platforms, and can eliminate some jobs that are redundant.

Following Full Tilt Poker’s post-Black Friday issues, the company was scooped up by PokerStars and later relaunched. While the rebooted Full Tilt managed to stay in the Top 5 in terms of online poker traffic, the site never recaptured its former glory, despite having arguably the best or at worst second-best software.

Over the past year Full Tilt Poker has turned into an also ran in the industry, and now ranks 11th on pokerscout.com’s traffic ranking charts.

Quick Hitters

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– Heads are about to explode on 2+2, as Iovation, a company steeped in Ultimate Bet taint has been recommended for approval by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

– Marco Rubio is a cosponsor of Sheldon Adelson’s RAWA legislation, but the Senator from Florida, and presidential candidate, does have some progressive thoughts when it comes to poker.

– In an op-ed for PokerNews.com, Phil Galfond has decided enough is enough, and has outed a high-stakes “scammer” and urged the poker community to do the same.

– The California horseracing industry was handed a gift horse, when they were offered $60 million annually if they would acquiesce on their demand to have the chance to offer online poker. Here’s why they shouldn’t pass this offer up.

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