Iovation’s potential licensing in Nevada is drawing little attention. Update from the courtroom on New Jersey’s sports betting appeal. iPoker unveils new poker game. And more.

Iovation about to be approved in Nevada

This story is somehow flying under the radar, so let’s see if we can draw some attention to it.

Iovation, a company with strong ties to the now defunct Ultimate Bet online poker site, has been recommended for approval by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

Here are a few articles that might help shed some light on why this is going up some people’s a** sideways:

Nevada Gaming Control Board Recommends Approval Of Iovation Application

Iovation Recommended For Nevada Gaming License

And just for fun, some tweets from Michael Josem who helped break the UB superuser story.

Quick Hitters

– Oral arguments were heard this morning as New Jersey and the NCAA and professional sports leagues continue to fight over the state’s attempts to legalize sports betting. According to attorney Daniel Wallach, who was in the court room, it looks like the leagues are going to prevail (again) but the fight is far from over.

– We’re apparently in the year of the new poker game, as the iPoker Network has unveiled a new poker format called Six Plus Holdem, a game first made famous in the ultra high stakes Macau games, and favored by the likes of Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.

Here are the rule changes in Six Plus Holdem:

  • Deuce through Five removed from the deck
  • An Ace can also play as a Five to make a 5-6-7-8-9 Straight
  • A Set beats a Straight
  • A Flush beats a Full House

– It looks like Spain, a country with over five times the population of New Jersey is experiencing a similar iGaming trend: Rising iCasino revenue, and paltry online poker revenue.

– What motivates people to play poker? I tried to answer that question in a column on our website yesterday.

– PokerStrategy sat down with chess and poker pro Greg Shahade to get his thoughts on the two competitive pursuits.