Another $5.5 million dollars in funds have been released to pre-Black Friday Full Tilt players from the US. PokerStars players are planning a strike for the first three days of December to protest the upcoming changes. The Daniel Negreanu “Kid Poker” documentary is out and his fans approve. PokerCentral is debuting its latest original series.

Full Tilt reimbursements continue, nearly $110 M paid out to date

For the first year after Black Friday, Full Tilt players’ accounts were in limbo and it was uncertain whether any of the money would ever be recovered. Even after PokerStars’s acquisition of the company in summer 2012 and accompanying promises to refund everyone, it took another 19 months or so before the first wave of payments went out, and the process is still not complete.

It’s getting close, however. As reported by FlushDraw, another 2,000 accounts have been paid out, to the tune of around $5.5 million. That brings the total to date up to nearly $110 million and around 43,000 players reimbursed. Apparently only 3,800 petitioners remain in waiting, but a few hundred of these are high-balance accounts, so the amounts of money left to come may be large, and the process may still take a while. In the meantime, those who have received their money after several years of waiting are ecstatic, and surely everyone will be happy when this chapter in poker history can finally be closed.

Kid Poker documentary premieres at TIFF, reception positive

Kid Poker, a documentary film about the life of Daniel Negreanu premiered last night at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). We’re used to biopics usually being made after the death of the person whose life they document, so it’s always a little weird when this trend is bucked. That said, the Queen of England and the King of Facebook have both recently gotten to watch their own lives adapted for cinema, and Negreanu is royalty too, of a sort.

The film was produced by PokerStars, and directed by Francine Watson. Those who attended the screening were mostly enthused by what they saw, not least Negreanu himself, who went on a bit of a Twitter binge, retweeting all the praise he could find for the film.

Quick Hitters

– PokerCentral has a new show debuting tonight, called Sports Stars Challenge. As the name suggests, it will consist of a cash game poker match between an array of sports celebrities and, as a visual gimmick, the betting will be done with fistfuls of actual cash, rather than the usual casino chips.

– Online poker players are attempting to organize through TwoPlusTwo and social media to go on a three-day strike from December 1-3.

– Jaime Staples is giving away numerous $55 tickets to PokerStars’s “Daily Double” tournaments, currently running as part of its seasonal promotions. For your chance to win, check out his Facebook page, Twitter feed and Twitch channel.

– The LAPT Grand Final Main Event is underway in Rio de Janeiro. This year it’s being held in conjunction with the Brazil Millions, whose side events have likewise begun to run.

– Who else is in Rio? Alex Dreyfus of the Global Poker Index and Global Poker League (GPL). He posted some photos to Twitter this morning teasing Rio’s HSBC Arena as a possible future venue for live GPL events.