Italy’s Mustapha Kanit wins Sunday Million. First preseason Global Poker League Power Rankings are out. What’s going on with the durrrr challenge. And more.

VIP reward programs are in a state of flux

It’s safe to say that this Mustapha Kanit guy is pretty good at the pokers. The #1 overall pick in last month’s Global Poker League draft (Kanit will play for his home country as part of the Rome Emperors) is a dynamo on the live scene, and he’s also a dynamo online, where he plays under the screen-name “lasagnaaammm” on PokerStars.

Kanit’s latest online score was a victory in this past weekend’s Sunday Million for a $177k payday, which came only a week after he won the Sunday Supersonic tournament for nearly $48k. According to, Kanit has amassed over $4.2 million online – including a PokerStars SCOOP title and a FTOPS Main Event victory.

Quick Hitters

– The debut of the Global Poker League is fast approaching, and a panel of experts has put together power rankings for all of the 12 franchises participating in the league. These ranking will be updated when the wildcard selections are made, and every week during the first season of the GPL.

– Remember the durrrr Challenge? Since you probably don’t I’ll give you a minute to Google it……………………….. One person who certainly hasn’t forgotten about the seven-figure challenge is Dan Cates, who holds a commanding lead over Tom Dwan in the match, but has been frustrated with Dwan’s “unwillingness” to finish the challenge match, which is now over five years old. Cates recently talked about it with

– According to a recent report, 20% of Russia’s adult population plays poker. However, I’d caution that the number 50 million has long been tossed around as the number of poker players in the US, which would amount to over 25% of the adult population.

– David Sklansky talks hand ranges in the latest issue of 2+2 Magazine, and indicated that a version of his article will be added to the next update of his timeless poker primer, Theory of Poker.

– It’s hard to have a conversation in the gaming industry without the conversation turning to millennials, but my opinion is the whole millennial problem is a self-created one, and the gaming industry would be better off if they focused on people who have money in their wallets rather than the person’s age.

– Why is the EPT better than the WPT? According to Kitty Kuo it’s because the men are better looking in Europe and Americans are fat.