France to share online poker liquidity. Poker Twitter feud crosses the line. Steve Wynn says he lost “a lot” of money playing poker with Lyle Berman. And more.

International online poker agreements imminent?

It appears the days of segregated European poker markets are numbered.

Recent industry reports indicate France is about to enter into online poker agreements with other European jurisdictions. This is a move that could reshape the online poker landscape across the continent, and potentially pave the way for international liquidity sharing agreements with US states.

If this does in fact come to fruition, it will be one of the biggest developments in online poker in recent years.

Quick Hitters

– The most baffling grudge on poker Twitter is apparently still going strong. PokerNews columnist Marty Derbyshire’s opinions are still aggravating a certain segment of the poker community, but this time the criticism has crossed the line.

– Barry and Alyn Shulman’s Vegas penthouse is going up for auction. If you’re considering hosting Eyes Wide Shut parties or you’re looking for a decorative style that makes Trump’s penthouse look utilitarian, the $8 million apartment is probably right up your alley.

– MGM National Harbor Casino in Maryland (on the outskirts of Washington D.C.) will open  on December 8. The casino will be the sixth to open in Maryland since the state legalized casino gambling in 2008.

– Is virtual reality coming to poker? If the video posted at PokerStrategy is any indication, I’d say we’re still quite a few years out.

– Mike “The Mouth” Matusow made an appearance on the PokerNews Podcast (now hosted by Sarah Herring and Matt Parvis) where he talked poker, his health, and the Poker Hall of Fame.

– Steve Wynn admits to losing “a lot of money” at the poker tables to recent Gaming Hall of Fame inductee Lyle Berman. Berman is now in three Hall of Fames, the Gaming Hall of Fame, the Poker Hall of Fame, and the crown jewel of all honors, the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame.

– Someone over at spent a lot of time counting online games in New Jersey. The result is an interesting look at the number and type of games offered by each online casino in the Garden State.