Are Electronic poker tables the next big thing in live poker? Constructive critiques of the 2015 World Series of Poker continue to come in. GobboBoy linking to 2005 poker strategy threads. And more.

The wave of the future

A second Las Vegas casino, Aliante, has installed electronic poker tables on their casino floor, a move industry veteran John Mehaffey is clearly in favor of. Mehaffey doesn’t want poker rooms to become fully automated, but with the cost of running a brick & mortar poker room, electronic tables offer smaller casinos (without established poker rooms) a low-cost way to keep the game alive and make a little money in the process.

You’ve got problems and I’ve got solutions

Does the World Series of Poker need fixing? Several people seem to think so, including Earl Burton of Poker News Daily, who was the latest person to offer up some suggestions on how the WSOP could use their customers and tweak the schedule to make the series even better.

The first person to voice the need for a Players Committee was Matt Glantz, which sparked a conversation (some would call it a debate) that lasted weeks.

Quick Hitters

– A bit of 2+2 thread necromancy by Jimmy Fricke brings us Ed Miller’s thoughts on low limit, Limit (you know, the game where you can only bet and raise in predetermined amounts?) Holdem.

Blast from the past read for anyone interested in poker history. This is an amazing thread. Every post a treat.

— Jimmy Fricke (@jvfricke) July 26, 2015

– A 2+2 poster wanted to know the answer to the pressing question: “Who deserves their own containment thread?” Moderator Bobo Fett set him straight in the very next post: “Deserves got nothing to do with it.”

– Did you hate the coverage of the WSOP this year (BRING BACK POKERNEWS!)? Lee Davy was there, and he has a bit of different opinion of the coverage than most.

– The PokerStars Pro Tour was back in action this weekend as Daniel Negreanu and Chris Moneymaker visited the Napa Valley Casino on Saturday. On Sunday Moneymaker and Jason Somerville will appear at the Lucky Chances Casino.