Greg Raymer’s year-long staking deal comes under fire. The Global Poker League announces its first poker franchise. Mark Cuban, “legal sports betting is inevitable.” And more.

Say Hello to the Las Vegas Moneymakers

On Tuesday the Global Poker League announced the first of their 12 franchises: The Las Vegas Moneymakers. Another piece of information we learned on Tuesday was that each team would have a manager, and if you haven’t figured it out, the Las Vegas team is named after their manager, Chris Moneymaker.

We should know the name of all of the teams and managers in coming week or so, and the inaugural GPL draft will take place on February 25, during the American Poker Awards conference in Beverly Hills. .

When is a staking package not a staking package?

When Allen Kessler can’t wrap his head around it.

That’s what happened when Greg Raymer posted this staking package (which covers an entire year’s worth of play) that required a very long discussion on facebook and on 2+2 to make heads or tails of the package and its worth.

Some have taken to call it a “scam” since it’s somewhat confusingly worded and includes cash game play, others are calling it a poor investment, and others feel it’s perfectly fine, since Raymer clearly explains what you’re getting for your investment.

Quick Hitters

– Mark Cuban is the latest high-profile person to call legal sports betting in the United States “inevitable.” Cuban made the remarks in an interview with Fortune where the Dallas Mavericks owner talked about a number of gaming related issues including DFS.

– The eSports daily fantasy sports site, Vulcun, has announced its pulling out of the U.S. market over the “legal uncertainty” DFS is facing in several states.

– The Atlantic Club is back on the market according to the Press of AC.

Part 4 of our five-part series detailing the biggest poker stories of 2015 is now up, and this time around we look at Jason Somerville’s sponsorships; controversies at the 2015 WSOP; payment processing improvements in the U.S. market; PokerStars gets a New Jersey license; and the death of RAWA.

– Alex Weldon breaks down the latest installment of the PokerStars TCOOP, which he calls heavy on gimmicks and gamble.

– Poker Update previews the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure series, with some behind the scenes looks at the tournament area and what we can expect from the series.